Behind The Scenes- Clasidog

I have been involved with dogs for 23 years. Starting out as a breeder of Rottweilers, but then, I met my first English Bulldog. Adoration is the only way to describe what I instantly developed for this breed.

Beginning from the very bottom I worked my way up through a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Breaking into the ‘show’ circuits in 1995, I began to learn how to ‘handle’ shortly there after. Constantly striving to better my ‘bloodlines’ I spent endless hours of research in genetics. ‘Lion Heart Bulldogs’ began to take off nationwide and received requests from all over the country for puppy’s.

I was renowned for my breeding standards, my ethics and my quality guarantees, always standing behind my word and my dogs.

I gained ‘first hand’ experience and invaluable knowledge during these years. I encountered and suffered, learning the hard way of the dishonest and manipulative world of ‘puppy brokers’.

But the lessons I learned only made me a better breeder, and a person determined to ‘climb’ my way to the top by the quality of my dogs, and the integrity of my breeding program.

Many of the lessons that I was forced to learn unfortunately included suffering of animals. Dogs that I purchased or bred because I was misled about their health and genetics. Some of the things I encountered included ‘hip dysplasia’ ‘demodectic mange’, ‘heart conditions, ‘severe skin allergies,’ ‘bloat,’ and so much more.

I educated myself.

I learned how to treat, how to prevent, and how to cure.

My vet allowed me to take the lead, knowing I knew much more than he, about my specific breed. He let me help with c-sections and I always was present and assisting during surgeries or procedures. I learned how to do as much as can be done ‘on my own’ without the expense of a trip to the Vet.

I no longer breed I am occupied with four wonderful children. Of course we have our family pets, a Blue-Nose American Pitbull Terrier ‘Rain’ and ‘Poopers’ our Teacup Chihuahua . (As much as I love English Bulls, the expense and upkeep of this breed is tremendous. Kid’s are enough of an expense!!)

This is my calling, this is my mission. I no longer breed but the knowledge I gained through my 23 years is what I bring to you….


My Pack

My Pack

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