Dog Frozen; Animal Abuse or Stupidity

The spirit dog’s blog has a ‘gem’ of a story that he has discovered….. It makes me look around at ‘our’ species, ‘the human race’ in disbelief.

Does God sits up there wondering “what was  I thinking?”. . .


After reading an article on my second favorite blog (the first being my own…of course ) The blog author ‘The Spirit Dog’ brought something completely new to my attention. An absolute shocking and horrendous story that literally blew my mind. Here is a an excerpt and a link to the story below:

‘Think Puppy Mill Owners Are Bad, Check Out These Drug Importers

This is for every person out there

that thinks drug usage is a victimless crime.’

The puppies pictured here were implanted with liquid heroin packets


These are the lucky puppies, the unlucky ones get killed to remove the drugs.

After reading the story I went on a quest to find out more, below is what I discovered.

I need to add that I am still ‘reeling’ at the sheer ‘evil’ that men can become for the sake of money….


Release Date: May 13 2008
COHEN/BURZICHELLI/FISHER BILLS TO OUTLAW SURGICAL MODIFICATION OF DOGS FOR SMUGGLING DRUGS ADVANCES (TRENTON) – The Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee today released two bills Assemblymen Neil M. Cohen, John J. Burzichelli and Douglas H. Fisher sponsored to make surgical modification of dogs and other animals to serve as drug mules a specific animal cruelty crime. The two-bill package was introduced in response to a report issued last year by the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) that live puppies were being used to smuggle bags of liquid heroin into the United States during a January 2005 raid on a clandestine veterinary clinic in Colombia, South America. “This was an absolutely heinous and reprehensible act of animal cruelty,” said Cohen (D-Union).  “To intentionally breed puppies and surgically alter them to act as living drug mules is an unspeakable wrong, especially to anyone who has ever owned a pet.” The first bill (A-1583) would make it a crime to knowingly use a dog or any other animal to attempt, commit or aid in crimes involving drugs, including drug smuggling or distribution.  Penalties for committing such a crime would include a mandatory prison sentence of at least three years without parole. Fines of up to $100,000 or five times the street value of the confiscated controlled substance also may be imposed. The second measure (A-1584) would make the act of implanting controlled dangerous substances within any animal a crime punishable by three to five years in prison and/or up to $15,000 in fines. People using or attempting to use animals in that manner also would be subject to civil penalties between $3,000 to $5,000, under the state’s existing animal cruelty laws. “Our laws are in place to protect the defenseless, be they man, woman, child, or animal,” said Burzichelli (D-Gloucester/Cumberland/Salem). “Today, we are taking a hard line, not just against animal cruelty, but against those criminals who would go to any means to continue their lives of crime.” The bill also would provide that a conviction under any of the animal cruelty laws would not be able to be merged with a conviction for any other criminal offense or any other animal cruelty offense. The court would be required to impose separate sentences for each violation, which would be served consecutively. “Using animals to commit crimes is an outrageous affront on civilized society,” said Fisher (D-Cumberland). “Inhumane treatment of animals to transport drugs is unconscionable and must be punished to the fullest possible extent.”  The bills were released from the committee 5 to 0 and 5 to 0, respectively. They now head to the Assembly Speaker, who decides if and when to post them for a floor vote. – 30 –
Contact:Assemblyman Neil M. Cohen: (908) 624-0880

Assemblyman John J. Burzichelli: (856) 251-9801

Assemblyman Douglas H. Fisher: (856) 455-1011

Dog emotions and body language

Below is a great articled I borrowed from spirit dog, okay I stole it….but the point is why rewrite something that is already so ‘aptly put’

I love the study of an animals body language I find it utterly fascinating. Your animal can truly communicate with you if you only learn what he is trying to tell you.

Dog emotions and body language

Reading dog emotions and body language is key to a better understanding of our dogs.

Our dogs emotions although complex, are on par with a one year old child’s emotions. The particular emotions that are being displayed by our dog at any given time is devoid of any intelligent reasoning. Which simply means, a dogs emotion is an immediate response to an external stimulus.

Example A ;

We come home and find that our dog has chewed something up, or has gone to the bathroom in our home. We often misinterpret the submissive behavior as guilt, shame, regret, remorse, disgrace, a guilty conscience and so forth. A dogs mind can no more understand the definitions of those words, than a one year old child can. Never the less the concept of what those words mean.

A contributing factor or more to the point, main factor in our dogs behavior in this matter can be us. This usually happens once our dog has chewed something up in the past. Because we are anticipating some sort of destruction when we come home. Instead of walking in the door with a smile on our face, we walk in looking to see what got chewed up. Our dog reads this body language as anger, and we mistake his submissive body posture as guilt.

Example B ;

Often in a home that has multiple dogs, when one dog passes on. We can mistake our dogs initial confusion and unsureness that is related to the change in pack structure, as a feeling of sorrow and loss. What happens most often in this scenario is, we project our feelings and emotions onto our dog. In this case our dogs emotions, are an appropriate response to our body language, which is displaying sadness, sorrow and loss. We can help our dog in this situation, by us not showing him our sadness.

Example C ; If our dog does something we do not like, and we lose our composure while yelling at him to stop it. He will process this information based on our body language and emotions. And since our body language and emotions are out of control at that time, our dog responds accordingly. That’s to say, our dog will act more crazy because that’s how we are acting. Again, we will mistake his excitable behavior as being defiant or as challenging us.

For some of us this reality about a dogs brain can be very disheartening, and it shouldn’t be. That would be like us loving our one year old baby less because he doesn’t understand words. Yet we are easily able to communicate with our child by using our emotions. Our dog is no different, emotions are our dogs language.

The Spirit Dog

Need to be a better alpha, practice your acting skills

A small voice for a dog

I am taking a newly found on line acquaintance’s  advice… Thanks Spirit Dog…check out this link to view how we met, it’s really amazing how some people connect 🙂

Spirit said I needed to use my voice more often and not just provide data all the time. I hesitate sometimes to speak out I have very strong opinions when it comes to most things, but especially dogs. I cannot tolerate cruelty and abuse this includes neglect on an animal. I see training/blog sites out there that promote the use of ‘shock collars’ and electric fences. They are also known as ‘Hunting collars’ . Those blogs piss me  as off they rarely will accept a comment what does that say?

I am not a fussy cutesy type that photo’s my dogs and makes up cute little stories. I may sketch a sarcastic mutt at some point that has a bleak perspective on life and a droll sense of humor. (good idea actually) Don’t get me wrong I am not knocking those blogs I luv ’em I read them all the time. Okay so I am trying to ‘suck up’ there are so many more of them than me….(insert shameful grin here)

Actually I spend so much of my time trying to find prudent articles on health, food, animal welfare and so forth, that I don’t have time to visit these sites.

My most recent discovery and ‘shock’ to my sensibilities, is still burning in my veins like hot oil. And that would be, what is really behind the pet food recall. And the dismaying fact that our dogs were eating not only crap but harmful substances in their food long before the recall It did not matter how much you paid for a premium brand either, it was still the same scenario. I wish I could warn every owner out there, I wish they could really understand the truth.

It really sucks that someone of no consequence like myself cannot be heard against the

‘powers that be be’

in conclusion,’ Spirit Dog, I do not speak much because…I have a ‘small’ voice’.

If you have no idea what I am babbling on about go to this link