Dawg Tired…

That is about as much dog as I can even begin to muster up currently. Both of mine incidentally are in full blown snore mode so they need to go back to chewing their butt’s in their dreams, Cause Mama is going to bed!

Yeah…so, what if it is almost 11a.m? It’s dark somewhere and it will be dark under the blankets as well!!!
Duck feathers that fill my pillows and comforters are more my speed right now. Yeah…yeah….I am going to hell for duck cruelty, so since I am on the way there anyway this might be a great time to bring up that duck La’ Orange is yummy, one of my favorites for the holidays. If you are wondering what I am blathering on about read my post before this one…I had a little mis-adventure last night and never got to sleep… But I am about to rectify that !!!. I will be posting when I revive at some point that I am holding a contest for wordpress theme designers for my new site. I am looking for a folk art type presentation 3-4 columns, widget ready and plugin ready….Oh yeah….and it need to be based on dogs..duh..lol
Drop me an e-mail if you are interested….the prize will be my announcing your name all over as designer including in my weekly newspaper column I write…and I will be having matching business cards and letter head stationary ‘all matching’ with your signature incorporated into the artwork and your info will be on everything as well (ie; cards,stationary,brochures etc…)
You will also win a custom dog collar by Muscle-Dawgz and ummm…whatever cool stuff I can come up with because I will be grateful, I have no time!!!

askfido@rocketmail.com is our new e-mail as many of you seem to know.

Many, Many, thanks for the dollars that are coming in, I noticed a few of you have snuck in more!! (THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!) It is greatly appreciated and helps us keep the site up and running giving us the ability to spend the time needed to do the research and keep the blog updated. I am truly proud to be able to do something with my life that ‘is the love of my life‘ (after my kids and honey)