Houston SPCA caring for dogs seized from filthy trailer

Owner says circling UFOs made the animals unhealthy

Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle

Dec. 13, 2008, 8:56PM

James Nielsen Chronicle

Dr. Dev Rajan, of the Houston SPCA, holds one of the terriers seized from a trailer in Fayette County earlier this month.

Houston SPCA veterinarian Roberta Westbrook lifted a trembling toy English fox terrier into her arms Saturday afternoon to examine the dog’s emaciated body.

The spine and ribs of the malnourished terrier were visible. The dog’s nails were overgrown and her tiny paws were soiled from living in her own feces. The dog was among 42 terriers brought to the Houston SPCA Friday from the Gardenia E. Janssen Animal Shelter in Fayette County.

Authorities in Fayette County seized the dogs on Dec. 3, after they were found living in a 5-by-9 foot trailer — eating, sleeping and giving birth in their own waste — with a woman who claimed the terriers were unhealthy because UFOs were circling above her home, said Houston SPCA spokeswoman Meera Nandlal.

“We don’t know if she was breeding them or why she was living with them in such a small space, ” Nandlal said.

Authorities in Fayette County could not be reached for comment on Saturday. It is unknown at this time if any charges will be brought against the woman.

The animal shelter enlisted the Houston SPCA’s help to house and care for the 40 dogs, some of whom are as old as 10. The terrier Westbrook was examining gave birth to two female puppies since she was removed from the trailer.

Most of the dogs are in poor physical condition. Two of them are missing limbs for unknown reasons.

“They could be purebred, but not the best standard,” Westbrook said.

All the dogs will undergo medical and behavioral evaluations. After being cleaned and treated, healthy dogs will be put up for adoption, Westbrook said, adding that those who need more time to recover will be placed in foster care.

The Houston SPCA often sees many large animal seizures, Nandlal said. Recently, the organization took in 70 feral cats.

“Unfortunately, it’s not unusual, ” she said. “There are all kinds of animals that are put into situations they have no control of.”

What Dog Are You? Book Review


What dog are you?
Discovering your inner pooch
Co-authored by Lori Lebda & Tami Bergeson

By Michele lee

This little book is certainly in a league of it’s own. How they came up with the actual idea of the book is a source of amazement in itself.

Warning: All you warm and fuzzy dog lovers with your little sweater wearing mini pins and shitzu’s are going to have an absolute fit over this book.

This book is the real deal a must have for dog fanciers worldwide.

The concept is adorable although somewhat off the beaten path. Most avid animal lovers are a little er…um…eccentric (myself included…..I just dyed my Chihuahua  pink to match my highlights, but….that’s another story)

These two brilliant women have brought us mere mortals and put us in the shoes of the dogs.

Entertaining and yet educational this book is based around several quizzes. The end result delves into what dog, that you in character mostly resemble.

In my case the end result was a Greyhound. And I guess being the mother of four children it is not too far a stretch to picture me chasing a stuffed bunny in circles throughout my house. Recently it was actually a hamster but close enough!!

My fiance actually picked the book up and did the quiz himself and that my dear readers in a nutshell says more about this little book than I ever could convey. (I did not know the man could read! 🙂 )

If you are having a get together anytime soon make sure you pick a copy up and share the book with your guests. It would definitely keep the party laughing!!

Great job gals!!! Can’t wait for your next one

Some Of The Common Genetic Health Issues- Listed by breed

Here is a list compiled to help breeders and owners (or soon to be owners),

become aware of what some of the common genetic problems may be in their breed/dog of choice.

**Not every breed is listed here; if you don’t see your breed shoot me an e-mail and I will be glad to research it for you!!**


Affenpinscher: Corneal ulcers, patellar luxation, cryptorchidism, elongated soft palate, retained puppy teeth, dermoid cyst

Afghan Hound: Under bite, juvenile cataracts, elbow joint deformity, hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, chronic pancreatitis, corneal dystrophy, von Willebrand’s disease

Airedale: Hypothyroidism, spondylosis deformans, pyometra, umbilical hernias von Willebrand’s disease

Akita: Hip Dysplasia, entropion, retinal atrophy, hypothyroidism

Alaskan Malamute: Hip Dysplasia, hypothyroidism, juvenile cataract, patent ductus areteriosus

American Foxhound: Osteochondrosis of spine, deafness, cryptorchidism

American Staffordshire Terrier: Craniomandibular osteopathy, cervical vertebral instability, cleft palate, hip dysplasia, cataract, bad bite, cryptorchidism

American Water Spaniel: Hermaphrodism, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, retinal atrophy

Australian Cattle Dog: Deafness

Australian Shepherd: Spina bifida, poor temperament, cleft palate, hip dysplasia, retinal atrophy, cataracts, bad bite, epilepsy, deafness

Australian Terrier: Diabetes Mellitus, cryptorchidism, atopic dermatitis, cleft palate

Basenji: Pyruvate kinase deficiency, Fanconi syndrome, coliform enteritis, persistent papillary membrane, corneal leukoma

Basset Hound: Bad Bite, ectropion, corneal dermoid cyst, aggressive temperament, osteochondritis dissecans, radius curvus, patellar luxation, glaucoma, hernia, thrombopathia, cervical vertebral instability, defective third cervical vertebra, achondroplasia, lens luxation, bon Willebrand’s disease

Beagle: Elongated soft palate, cryptorchidism, deafness, vestibular disorder, cleft lip and palate, glaucoma, intervertebral disc disease, epilepsy, pyruvate kinase deficiency, pulmonic stenosis, cataracts, retinal dysplasia

Bedlington Terrier: Retinal dysplasia, copper toxicosis

Belgian Malinois: Bad bite, shyness, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia

Belgian Sheepdog: Bad bite, shyness, epilepsy, hypothyroidism

Belgian Sheepdog: Bad bite, shyness, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia

Bernese Mountain Dog: Bad bite, hip dysplasia, osteochondritis dissecans, cleft palate, retinal atrophy

Bichon Frise: Bad teeth with age, patellar luxation, epilepsy, hip dysplasia

Black and Tan Coonhound: Ectropion, hip dysplasia, factor IX deficiency

Bloodhound: bad bite, ectropion, cryptorchidism, hip dysplasia, bad temperament, entropion

Border Collie: Bad bite, cryptorchidism, retinal atrophy, osteochrondritis dissecans, deafness, lens luxation

Border Terrier: Cryptorchidism, hip dysplasia, retinal atrophy

Borzoi: Missing premolars, gastric torsion, hypersensitivity to some anesthesia

Boston Terrier: Cocked eyes, elongated soft palate, cherry eye, frequent vomiting, deafness, cataracts, cleft lip and palate, body tumors, patellar luxation, mast cell tumor, pituitary tumor

Bouvier Des Flandres: Bad bite, cleft palate, gastric torsion, hypothyroidism

Boxer: Cryptorchidism, pyloric stenosis, heart defects, corneal ulcer, patellar luxation, gastric torsion, cleft lip and palate, epilepsy, dermoid cyst, mast cell tumor, entropion, elongated soft palate, osteochrondritis dissecans, retinal atrophy, von Willebrand’s disease, factor VII deficiency

Briard: Hip dysplasia, gastric torsion, retinal atrophy, hypothyroidism

Brittany: Cryptorchidism, bad bite, ectropion, hip dysplasia, factor VII deficiency

Bull Terrier: Retained baby teeth, umbilical hernia, deafness, inguinal hernia, cleft lip and palate

Bulldog: Elongated soft palate, stenotic nares, loose shoulders, ectropion, corneal dermoid cyst, facial fold dermatitis, deafness, cleft palate, entropion, collapsed trachea, heart defect, mast cell tumor, factor VII deficiency, dislocated hips

Bullmastiff: Poor temperament, cleft palate, retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia, gastric torsion

Cairn Terrier: Cryptorchidism, factor VII deficiency, factor IX deficiency, patellar luxation, von Willebrand’s disease, lens luxation

Cardigan Welsh Corgi: Corneal dermoid cyst, cleft palate, glaucoma, disc disease, von Willebrand’s disease, lens luxation

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Under bite, cryptorchidism, fly biting syndrome, corneal dystrophy, patellar luxation, diabetes melitus

Chesapeake Bay Retriever: Retinal atrophy, entropion, hip dysplasia, von Willebrand’s disease

Chihuahua: Retained baby teeth, bad bite, hypoglycemia, patellar luxation, cleft palate, heart defects, entropion, shoulder dislocation, lens luxation

Chinese Crested: Under bite, allergy to wool

Chow Chow: Allergies, bad bite, elongated soft palate, ectropion, entropion, patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, poor temperament, hypothyroidism

Cocker Spaniel: Bad bite, umbilical hernia, cherry eye, ectropion, corneal dermoid cyst, skin and ear problems, hip dysplasia, poor temperament, hernia, factor X deficiency, anasarca, cleft lip, cataracts, glaucoma, anemia, entropion, luxated patella, intervertebral disc disease, hypothyroidism

Collie: Over bite, under bite, nasal solar dermatitis, umbilical hernia, deafness, corneal dystrophy, cleft palate, optic nerve hypoplasia

Dachshund: Bad bite, umbilical hernia, triciasis, corneal dermoid cyst, atopic dermatitis, cataracts, diabetes, cleft lip and palate, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, von Willebrand’s disease, patellar luxation, osteopetrosis, retinal atrophy

Dalmatians: Atopic dermatitis, deafness, uric acid stones

Dandie Dinmont Terrier: Bad bite, hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, dislocated shoulder

Doberman Pinscher: Color mutant alopecia, bad bite, flank sucking, vestibular disorder, renal cortical hypoplasia, von Willebrand’s disease, hypothyroidism, narcolepsy, demodectic mange, diabetes

English Setter: Vaginitis, ectropion, umbilical hernia, deafness, retinal atrophy

English Springer Spaniel: Under bite, ectropion, ear problems, obesity, hip dysplasia, entropion, glaucoma, factor XI deficiency, von Willebrand’s disease, subortic stenosis

Finnish Spitz: Cataracts

French Bulldog: Elongated soft palate, upper respiratory problems, cleft lip and palate, factor VIII deficiency, lens luxation, carcinomas, patellar luxation

German Shepherd Dog: Cryptorchidism, corneal dermoid cyst, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, poor temperament, diabetes, disc disease, heart defects, dwarfism, von Willebrand’s disease, cleft lip and palate, degenerative myelopathy, chronic pancreatitis, missing teeth, retinal atrophy

German Shorthaired Pointer: Under bite, nervous temperament, gastric torsion, entropion, von Willebrand’s disease, epilepsy

Giant Schnauzer: Bad bite, missing teeth, cryptorchidism, hip dysplasia, poor temperament, retinal atrophy

Golden Retriever: Cryptorchidism, missing teeth, bad bite, wry mouth, ectropion, immune deficiency, hip dysplasia, entropion, cleft palate, von Willebrand’s disease, hypothyroidism, cataracts, epilepsy, diabetes

Great Dane: Cryptorchidism, bad bite, ectropion, flat feet, fear biting and other temperament problems, cervical vertebral instability, hip dysplasia, gastric torsion, heart defects, degenerative myelopathy, entropion, von Willebrand’s disease

Greyhound: Cryptorchidism, gastric torsion, elbow bursitis, short spine, hypersensitivity to anesthesia, lens luxation

Irish Setters: Under bites, over bites, ectropion, osteochrondritis dissecans, hip dysplasia, carpal sub luxation, hypothyroidism, atrophy, epilepsy, von Willebrand’s disease

Keeshond: Hip dysplasia, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, heart defects, diabetes

Labrador Retriever: Cryptorchidism, bad bite, cataracts, atrophy, epilepsy, lens luxation, hip dysplasia, von Willebrand’s disease

Lhasa Apso: Umbilical hernia, patellar luxation, atrophy, hip dysplasia, von Willebrand’s disease

Maltese: Retained puppy teeth, cryptorchidism, hydrocephalus, cleft lip and palate, entropion, patellar luxation, deafness

Mastiff: Ectropion, shy temperament, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism

Norwegian Elkhound: Bad Bite, cysts, hip dysplasia, entropion, cleft palate

Old English Sheepdog: Bad bite, hip dysplasia, cataracts, entropion, diabetes, deafness

Pekingese: Umbilical hernia, stenotic nares, elongated soft palate, hernia, cleft lip and palate, disc disease, cataracts, atrophy, patellar luxation, trichiasis

Pointer: Under bite, timid, umbilical hernia, entropion, cataracts, hip dysplasia, gout, atrophy

Pomeranian: Cryptorchidism, hypoglycemia, retained baby teeth, patellar luxation, entropion

Poodle (Toy): Retinal atrophy, retinal dysplasia, cataracts, entropion, deafness

Pug: Elongated soft palate, entropion, aseptic necrosis of femoral head

Rhodesian Ridgeback: Dermoid sinus, hip dysplasia hypothyroidism

Rottweiler: Ectropion, hip dysplasia, entropion, cleft palate, deafness, diabetes, von Willebrand’s disease

Saint Bernard: Ectropion, diabetes, entropion, osteochrondritis dissecans, hip dysplasia, gastric torsion, epilepsy, corneal dermoid cyst

Saluki: Umbilical hernia, cryptorchidism, corneal dermoid cyst, hypothyroidism

Samoyed: Cryptorchidism, hip dysplasia, retinal atrophy, retinal dysplasia

Scottish Terrier: von Willebrand’s disease, deafness, lens luxation

Shetland Sheepdog: Cryptorchidism, retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, deafness, hypothyroidism, epilepsy, von Willebrand’s disease

Shih Tzu: intervertebral disc disease, entropion

Siberian Husky: Cryptochidism, hip dysplasia, retinal atrophy, cataracts

Silky Terrier: Cryptorchidism, patellar luxation, diabetes, epilepsy

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier: Cataracts, retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia, von Willebrand’s disease

West Highland White Terrier: Cryptorchidism, hypothyroidism

Whippet: Cryptorchidism, color mutant alopecia

Yorkshire Terrier: patellar luxation, retinal atrophy, retinal dysplasia

Source: Successful Dog Breeding, The Complete Handbook of Canine Midwifery, by Chris Walkowicz and Bonnie Wilkes, D.V.M.

A small voice for a dog

I am taking a newly found on line acquaintance’s  advice… Thanks Spirit Dog…check out this link to view how we met, it’s really amazing how some people connect 🙂

Spirit www.spiritdog.com said I needed to use my voice more often and not just provide data all the time. I hesitate sometimes to speak out I have very strong opinions when it comes to most things, but especially dogs. I cannot tolerate cruelty and abuse this includes neglect on an animal. I see training/blog sites out there that promote the use of ‘shock collars’ and electric fences. They are also known as ‘Hunting collars’ . Those blogs piss me  as off they rarely will accept a comment what does that say?

I am not a fussy cutesy type that photo’s my dogs and makes up cute little stories. I may sketch a sarcastic mutt at some point that has a bleak perspective on life and a droll sense of humor. (good idea actually) Don’t get me wrong I am not knocking those blogs I luv ’em I read them all the time. Okay so I am trying to ‘suck up’ there are so many more of them than me….(insert shameful grin here)

Actually I spend so much of my time trying to find prudent articles on health, food, animal welfare and so forth, that I don’t have time to visit these sites.

My most recent discovery and ‘shock’ to my sensibilities, is still burning in my veins like hot oil. And that would be, what is really behind the pet food recall. And the dismaying fact that our dogs were eating not only crap but harmful substances in their food long before the recall It did not matter how much you paid for a premium brand either, it was still the same scenario. I wish I could warn every owner out there, I wish they could really understand the truth.

It really sucks that someone of no consequence like myself cannot be heard against the

‘powers that be be’

in conclusion,’ Spirit Dog, I do not speak much because…I have a ‘small’ voice’.

If you have no idea what I am babbling on about go to this link


Dr.Harvey Review Part Two

Last night I got on my soapbox and stomped around for awhile. You will have to excuse my bad behavior. It just really ‘irks’ me (the word I really want to use here is unladylike 🙂 ) when after the extensive research I did, I was left feeling that all dog food company’s are absolutely crooked and out to make money PERIOD. Most… Dog food Company’s  are nothing but bottom feeders! If there is a company out there that can prove me wrong….do it!! Prove me wrong, PLEASE.

I am honestly at the point of making all my food my damn self. (anyone out there that is a venture capitalist e-mail me, we need to talk.) As I said Harvey’s is no worse than the rest and their line of crap is really creative and sincere. I just have issues when I specifically asked the president in our phone interview about how they process their meats and she is responding by blatantly lying to my questions. It was like pulling teeth to get her to tell me the name of the plant they purchase from.

And oh before I forget if you are impressed by pet foods such as Harveys claiming they have all human grade ingredients then you may want to do a little research so you too can discover that their is no ‘real’ set standard on human grade food. It is all a very grey area. MONEY TALKS!!! Our dogs suffer!I am going to post a series of e-mails the ones between myself and Wendy Shankin-cohen (Mrs.Harvey) so you can judge for yourself. The e-mails are in an insane order I apologize for that and the e-mail is missing where I told her about her company and herself …crap….crap….it was good!

She even has the audacity to try and point out I was using a word in the wrong context and included a dictionary definition for me. Has the woman no gotten the clue that I am Canadian and French and I meant the word as a feeling of unease;causing unease….oh I am rambling now!!! Just make out of it what you can!! I would LOVE some feedback!

Oh I forget to add one thing these idiots ride in on the coat tails of other company’s bashing them and claiming to be so much better.

This little blurb below  is what they have posted on their site

Important News

We want to inform all of our friends that Dr. Harvey’s products are not part of the national pet food recall.

Our hearts go out to the owners of companion animals who are dealing with this tragic event. If you think that your dog or cat has consumed any of the foods listed on the recall list, be sure to contact your veterinarian immediately.

If you are looking for alternatives to these foods, please review our web site to learn more about the superior ingredients we use in all of our healthy and holistic foods.

Please be assured that we manufacture all of our products in our own facility under Dr. Harvey’s watchful eye and that we use only human consumption and organic ingredients in all of our products. Our products have always been made from the purest of ingredients and you can rest assured that you are giving your companions the healthiest foods available anywhere.

If you have any additional questions concerning switching your companion to Dr. Harvey’s please contact us directly at 866-362-4123 or by email at info@drharveys.com.

Hi Michele,

I am so happy to hear from you!
I will send you out a “goodie box” tomorrow!
I will also try and call you.
I know you and your animal companions will be very happy to experience Dr. Harvey’s.
We will also include lots of literature for you to read so that you can understand how seriously we take what we do.
All of our products are made with the greatest of care and education is our mission.
I look forward to speaking with you.
Your blog is really terrific!

Yours in truth and health,

On Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 6:10 PM, Michele Lee <askfido@rocketmail.com> wrote:
I received your message through my wordpress blog ‘Fido’s Place’.
Yes, absolutely I would love to sample your products.(or have my dogs sample them actually!! ) And any products you send me I will be sure to review on my blog in addition to I  have a website coming soon  www.fidos-place.com as well as a weekly newspaper column in the ‘Home Town Sun’  a Central Florida publication.
You can contact me directly at 863-965-4488.
I look forward to trying out dr.Harveys!!!
Michele Lee
Fido’s Place

Please note she approached me by leaving a comment on my blog


I am so glad to hear that you received your package and the pups are happy dogs!
We would be happy to talk to you about our mission, our products and our dreams.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
Enjoy your weekend and all the Dr.Harvey’s stuff.
I hope to speak with you during the week.

On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 11:46 PM, Michele Lee <askfido@rocketmail.com> wrote:
I received my goodies this afternoon. I left a message for you once it arrives
You are so telling the truth about your power patties.  I have never seen my two dogs sit pretty for so long, again and again.They sure have a lovely ‘stink’ that pups love…ha ha..
So far I am extremely  pleased  and I like your overall concept very much…
Especially considering what we know about the truth of pet food.
I am pretty much preaching feeding entirely raw and homade. I may have stumbled on a really ‘good thing’ with Dr.harveys. The prices are reasonable as well.
Thank you for generosity with your samples.
I would like to have a question and answer on-line interview once I have delved into the food a little further. If I find something I believe in (and that is the only way) marketing is my forte.

Talk to you soon.
Michele Lee
Fido’s Place

Hi Michele,
It was great to speak with you. I am excited about you knowing about us. It is always nice to meet educated, like-minded people who are willing to speak up. We applaud your efforts on behalf of our canine friends. Please keep up the good work and know that your efforts do make a difference.
I am sending you the “mocked up” picture of our newest product, “Barkotti, Organic Handmade Biscotti for Dogs”, which will be available in about 3 weeks.
We are excited about this launch, not only because the biscotti are amazing and soooooooooo healthy,but because the packaging is new and “green” made from all recycled materials and printed with soy ink!
I am attaching the photo. I will have a real photo very shortly.
Thank you for the idea of contacting Mark. I will follow up with him this week.

Mark Siebel our site trainer

Let me know how you do with the food!

I will speak with you soon.
Yours in truth and health,

Wendy Shankin-Cohen
Dr. Harvey’s


866. Doc H-123

Hi Michele,
It was great to speak with you. I am excited about you knowing about us. It is always nice to meet educated, like-minded people who are willing to speak up. We applaud your efforts on behalf of our canine friends. Please keep up the good work and know that your efforts do make a difference.
I am sending you the “mocked up” picture of our newest product, “Barkotti, Organic Handmade Biscotti for Dogs”, which will be available in about 3 weeks.
We are excited about this launch, not only because the biscotti are amazing and soooooooooo healthy,but because the packaging is new and “green” made from all recycled materials and printed with soy ink!
I am attaching the photo. I will have a real photo very shortly.
Thank you for the idea of contacting Mark. I will follow up with him this week.
Let me know how you do with the food!
I will speak with you soon.
Yours in truth and health,

Wendy Shankin-Cohen
Dr. Harvey’s


866. Doc H-123

Freeze Dry Foods, Albion, NY and Ontario, Canada (big) and Morettis Inc. in Wisconsin (small).

On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 1:00 PM, Michele Lee <askfido@rocketmail.com> wrote:
I appreciate understanding and willingness to help.
And the information you have provided is very helpful, however I still would like the company’s name. I am sure you completely understand that  I cannot ‘claim’ to have fully researched a product unless I have.

—– Original Message —-
From: Wendy Shankin-Cohen <wendy@drharveys.com>
To: Michele Lee <askfido@rocketmail.com>

Sent: Monday, July 14, 2008 9:50:04 AM
Subject: Re: Great to talk to you!

Dear Michele,
Our freeze dried meat comes from a  large freeze drying company in Albion, NY.
This is human grade only company and USDA/CFIA approved.
All of the meat that we buy is also certified and approved by the USDA Health department for export, which is a very stringent arm of the USDA. We have affadavits on file from our suppliers as to the source and processing of our products, which allows us to export.
This is a very difficult process and only certified USDA plants can get this certification.
I am happy that you are this particular, it means you know what you are doing and can’t be fooled by anything that just says all natural, but probably isn’t.
Please note that we use organic products whenever possible, but not all of our ingredients are certified organic, but they are all 100% human consumption. We never purchase pet grade ingredients.
I hope this helps.

r company and I absolutely LOVE the recycled paper and soy ink for your newest product….I am very much into ‘going green’!!!

Michele,On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 12:22 PM, Michele Lee <askfido@rocketmail.com> wrote:
It was great to talk to you as well.
I was not prepared for our conversation however, I had been up until the wee hours this morning working on an article for my blog. I forget to ask you one very important question for my research ( a necessary evil) your freeze dried meat that you purchase elsewhere, what company do you purchase it from and where are they located??  I will need to confirm that they are USDA Human Grade/Consumption factory.
All that said I am very excited for you
I want you to know that I do forgive you for your rant. I am so sorry that you feel that you were misinformed. That being said, let me say that Dr. Harvey is, and has always been, a tireless advocate for holistic living for nearly thirty years for animals and for humans. A pioneer in the advocacy of home-cooked fresh meals for companion animals and a most vocal detractor of chemical and preservative laden commercial pet foods. Along with Sissy of Solid Gold and Dr. Pitcairn, Dr. Harvey is a pioneer in this field. The fact that you have questioned our integrity is a bit shocking. In all of the years of our working with people , I have to say that I have never received a message like the one you sent me today.
We have been advocates for animals and animal rights for so long and I cannot remember a time that we felt so unappreciated by anyone and that is most certainly the truth.
For those who know our hearts and minds and have experienced the goodness of Dr. Harvey’s generous time and wisdom, the word “slick” would never come to mind. Thousands and thousands of thankful guardians have helped their beloved animals back to health with his advice and guidance. A humble man, Dr. Harvey never takes credit for any of it, but rather says “nature” is responsible for the health and well being of the patients.
I am so sorry that you feel that anything that I said to you or that you have read about our company is false.  We have always gone the extra mile to purchase only human grade ingredients.  We use certified organic grains and human consumption only vegetables, nuts and fruits. We, unlike most pet food companies, do not purchase pet grade anything, nor do we purchase pieces or “seconds”. We are absolutely vigilant about the ingredients that we us in our products. Where do you get your grains? do you grow them yourselves?? hmm?
Freeze Dry does not sell us rendered meats. We buy only human grade meats that are USDA approved for sale to humans. There are no by- products or pet grade ingredients in any of our products.
I spoke to Lisa Anemi at Freeze Dry today and she assured me once again that they do not render meat and that what we purchase from them is human grade only. You were not told differently, if you feel that you were you must have misheard them. I also spoke to the President of Freeze Dry, Karen Richardson, to whom I forwarded your attachment and she has no idea where that information came from as Freeze Dry does not render meat.
You may certainly call her directly to verify. She was concerned about the form, but said it must have been very old and and has nothing to do with the practices of her company.
I on file their certificate of purity and USDA license number.
I do not know where you got this information ,but it is incorrect.
I have no reason to try and fool you or anyone else. We are not part of the “pet industry” we are the ones telling others about the grave faults within the industry.
I am so sorry that you feel that is the reason that I contacted you.
Do you think that I would have given you the information that I did, if I we had anything to hide? I sent you our products and they speak for themselves. I was completely forthcoming to you about our products and about our mission. Very few, if any company would provide you with source material, which we did, willingly in the spirit of truth.
I know that you feel a responsibility to research what you write about and we applaud your doing so. I am sure that you feel that you, as sleuth, have uncovered some hidden secret here, but there is no secrets here to discovery, except the goodness of Dr. Harvey and his knowledge and that is a really good secret to tell the world.
We are exactly who we say we are an always have been.
Michele, we have been doing this for a very long time, we do this out of the goodness of our hearts to help animals and their people. Why would you think such terrible thoughts?
Our factory is open to anyone who wants to visit. Our ingredients are on display for all who enter. Ask Halo if you can visit their plant and look at their source materials? or any other pet company for that matter.
Dr. Harvey’s reputation is impeccable and we have helped thousands of guardians with the health of their companions. In 2001 Dr. Harvey was given an award for ” Outstanding Service and Commitment to Advancing and promoting Avian Medicine and Stewardship.” by the Association of Avian Veterinarians. We are not involved with AAFCO or any other governmental body.
We are dedicated to the health and well -being of animals, people and our planet.

We accept your apology and wish you well. If you choose not to reply we will assume you are ashamed. I do hope you do not do anything to ruin our new and potentially great relationship. We look forward to knowing you and supporting your work.
Yours in truth and health,
I just got off the phone again with Karen Richardson, President of Freeze Dry. She is preparing an email to send to me that I will then forward to you regarding your false claims that they are a rendering company. I will hopefully have that by end of day and will be sure to forward it to you as soon as I receive it.
I know that you do care and so do we totally and completely! This should be so obvious to you. this is not some whim Michele, we have been screaming and yelling just like you, but for 30 years. If you want to scream and yell find the bad guys, not the good guys.
You are gravely mistaken and your insults are beyond hurtful. Hurting good people is not helping the animals.
I spoke to the president of Freeze Dry her name is Karen Richardson. No one from her company said to you that they are a rendering plant because it is not true.
You should apologize to her and to me and mean it. You don’t care who you offend? Well try not offending those who are on your side.
I am glad you got my email.

On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 4:55 PM, Michele Lee <askfido@rocketmail.com> wrote:

….I am responding to this so you know my e-mail is not suspended…I am not apologizing.
If the consumer alert agency gives you a clean report, than I will apologize whole heartedly and publicly and absolutely mean it. I intend no ‘malaise’ surely you cannot hold it against me if there is documentation stating (from the Canadian goverment sites) Freeze Dry Meats is a rendering plant. Or that one of their employee’s stated just that via phone contact.
I really do not care who I offend, I care about the animals that are being fed poison, period.
—– Original Message —-
From: Wendy Shankin-Cohen <wendy@drharveys.com>
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Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2008 12:51:54 PM
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the word is “malice” not “malaise”
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mal·ice Audio Help /ˈmælɪs/ Pronunciation KeyShow Spelled Pronunciation[mal-is] Pronunciation KeyShow IPA Pronunciation

1. desire to inflict injury, harm, or suffering on another, either because of a hostile impulse or out of deep-seated meanness: the malice and spite of a lifelong enemy.
2. Law. evil intent on the part of a person who commits a wrongful act injurious to others.
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mal·aise Audio Help (mā-lāz’, -lěz’)  Pronunciation Key

  1. A vague feeling of bodily discomfort, as at the beginning of an illness.
  2. A general sense of depression or unease: “One year after the crash, the markets remain mired in a deep malaise” (New York Times).

Possibly you are experiencing both.

And I do not hold it against you in any way. Honestly I am fully aware that people do make mistakes.

On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 4:55 PM, Michele Lee <askfido@rocketmail.com> wrote:
….I am responding to this so you know my e-mail is not suspended…I am not apologizing.
If the consumer alert agency gives you a clean report, than I will apologize whole heartedly and publicly and absolutely mean it. I intend no ‘malaise’ surely you cannot hold it against me if there is documentation stating (from the Canadian goverment sites) Freeze Dry Meats is a rendering plant. Or that one of their employee’s stated just that via phone contact.
I really do not care who I offend, I care about the animals that are being fed poison, period.

My contacts that live in the same town as the plant tell a very different tale


Freeze-Dry Foods is  approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to freeze-dry food.  We are not, and never have been involved in rendering of meat.  Based on the information that you received from your customer we investigated the business listing for Freeze-Dry Foods on the Industry Canada website and found an error in the NAICS code.  We have advised Industry Canada and they will have the website corrected within 2 business days.



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