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Wow…it has been so long since I have posted on this site that it is truly amazing. But I had become obsessed, I was ticking off pet food companies and neglecting my kids so I had to quit.
Here is the 411 on me my husband deploys in July so I will soon be seated once again in front of my computer working on my blog trying to block out the sad fact that my husband and best friend will be gone for 1 year…see y’all soon xoxoxoxo Michele

Houston SPCA caring for dogs seized from filthy trailer

Owner says circling UFOs made the animals unhealthy

Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle

Dec. 13, 2008, 8:56PM

James Nielsen Chronicle

Dr. Dev Rajan, of the Houston SPCA, holds one of the terriers seized from a trailer in Fayette County earlier this month.

Houston SPCA veterinarian Roberta Westbrook lifted a trembling toy English fox terrier into her arms Saturday afternoon to examine the dog’s emaciated body.

The spine and ribs of the malnourished terrier were visible. The dog’s nails were overgrown and her tiny paws were soiled from living in her own feces. The dog was among 42 terriers brought to the Houston SPCA Friday from the Gardenia E. Janssen Animal Shelter in Fayette County.

Authorities in Fayette County seized the dogs on Dec. 3, after they were found living in a 5-by-9 foot trailer — eating, sleeping and giving birth in their own waste — with a woman who claimed the terriers were unhealthy because UFOs were circling above her home, said Houston SPCA spokeswoman Meera Nandlal.

“We don’t know if she was breeding them or why she was living with them in such a small space, ” Nandlal said.

Authorities in Fayette County could not be reached for comment on Saturday. It is unknown at this time if any charges will be brought against the woman.

The animal shelter enlisted the Houston SPCA’s help to house and care for the 40 dogs, some of whom are as old as 10. The terrier Westbrook was examining gave birth to two female puppies since she was removed from the trailer.

Most of the dogs are in poor physical condition. Two of them are missing limbs for unknown reasons.

“They could be purebred, but not the best standard,” Westbrook said.

All the dogs will undergo medical and behavioral evaluations. After being cleaned and treated, healthy dogs will be put up for adoption, Westbrook said, adding that those who need more time to recover will be placed in foster care.

The Houston SPCA often sees many large animal seizures, Nandlal said. Recently, the organization took in 70 feral cats.

“Unfortunately, it’s not unusual, ” she said. “There are all kinds of animals that are put into situations they have no control of.”

Canola Oil In Pet Foods

Canola Oil In Pet Foods

Canola Oil In Pet Foods

As you faithful readers know, I don’t feed my own pets processed pet foods nor do I ever recommend it be fed to anyone’s pets. I
recently saw a couple of pet food companies bragging about thier food
containing “Healthy” Canola oil in thier foods. WHAT? I thought!   How
is Canola Oil healthy? How is it even species appropriate for our
carnivorous pets?

is actually a made up/coined word friends. It appeared out of nowhere
and is not listed in any but the most recent reference sources.It is a
name given to “rape” seed! Well, come on, you have to admit that canola
sounds far better than rape, right?. The name canola disguised the
introduction of rape oil to America.

Yes, Canola oil comes from the rape seed, which is part of the mustard family of plants. Rape is the most toxic
of all food-oil plants. Like soy, rape is a weed. Insects will not eat
it and it is deadly poisonous! The oil from the rape seed is a hundred
times more toxic than soy oil!

Canola (Rape) is a semi-drying oil that is used as lubricant, fuel,
soap and synthetic rubber base, and as an illuminant for the slick
color pages you see in magazines. It is an industrial oil and does not
belong in any body, ours or our pets!

Rape oil was the source of the infamous chemical-warfare agent ,
mustard gas, which was banned after blistering the lungs and skin of
hundreds of thousands of solders and civilians during WW1. Recent
French reports indicate that it was again used during the gulf.

Between 1950 and 1953, white mustard(rape) seed was irradiated in
Sweden to increase seed production and oil content. Irradiation is the
process the experts want use to make our food “safe” to eat.
Genetically engineered fruits and vegetables – which will soon have
innocent things like hepatitis-B spliced into their DNA – are another
example of man”s misuses of technology and abuse of public trust by
powerful interests and “head-in-the-sand” watchdog agencies.

Canola oil has some very interesting characteristics and effects on
living systems. For example, it forms a latex-like substances that
agglutinate the red blood corpuscles, as does soy, but much more
pronounced. Loss of vision is a known, characteristic side effect of
rape oil which antagonizes the central and peripheral nervous systems;
again, like soy oil, again, worse. The deterioration takes years,
however. Rape (canola) oil causes emphysema respiratory distress,
anemia, constipation, irritability and blindness in animals and humans
alike. Rape oil was widely used in animal feeds in England and Europe
between 1986 and 1991 when it was eventually thrown out. You may
remember reading about the cows, pigs and sheep that went blind, lost
their minds, attacked people and had to be shot.

Funny, the industry loves to talk about canola”s “qualities” that
make it “healthy”. They say “it has an unsaturated structure(Omega 3,
6, 12), its wonderful digestibility and its fatty acid makeup”. They
have been trying to turn us against naturally saturated oils and fats,
while they come to the rescue with canola oil. They even tell us how
Asia has warmly embraced canola due to its distinctive flavor. Isn’t it
wonderful how internationalists brokers “help” third-world peoples?
Reminds me of the introduction of the microwave oven (don’t even get me
started on that one!).

Rape’s new name provided the perfect cover for commercial interests
wanting to make billions in the United States. The euphemism is still
very much in use, but is no longer needed.

God forbid you are still feeding kibble in the first place. However,
if you are, check the ingredients, do a google or yahoo search on
canola oil in pet food and canola oil toxic…

Contest Dog Kibble

Okay folks,

I have looked all day for a really good CRUNCHY kibble recipe for my dogs. if y’all have not figured it out yet I am not a big commercial dog food fan.

I am going homemade all the way….

I intend to publish an E- book on this site down the road featuring all my tried and true recipes. And yes, I will attempt to make them myself . (in fact I have on baking in my oven currently and Dang it smells good. I just do not see it getting beyond chewy.)

If one of you out there can put me on to a CRUNCHY and Healthy kibble recipe I will put your pooch on the cover of my book and feature your recipe on this site and in my book.

SOOOO get busy sending me e-mails folks…. be a star!!!

please e-mail sumbissions to

Deadline is October 1st!!

Palin is the pits

I have a year and a half old female blue nose pit bull. I sit in fear every day that one more ignorant owner is going to bring the BSL down on my county. I already have to hide her to get home owners insurance!!!

Thanks Sarah for putting one more nail in our dogs coffins!!!

In light of all the ruckus over Sarah Palin and her ‘pitbull’ comments it’s no wonder she’s not doing interviews. I can see it now Palin showing up on Opera wearing a wolf fur trimmed outfit. (And that is another insidious story.)

This move by Mcain to bring her on still bewilders me his publisist had to know this was bound to happen.

Here’s my conspiracy theory for the night it’s all a ploy to get votes for the ‘anti-Christ’  Obama.:)

This dude is way too smooth for my radar.

Pitbull Owners Blast Palin

Pitbull Owners Blast Palin

Comparison ‘Offensive,’ Dog Fanciers Complain

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who famously compared herself to a pitbull in her vice-presidential acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, appears to have antagonized a key voting bloc in the upcoming election, the nation’s pitbull owners.

While Gov. Palin’s assertion that the only difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull was “lipstick” drew a loud ovation from the Republican faithful in St. Paul, it raised the ire of the Pitbull Anti-Defamation League, a powerful association of pitbull fanciers who monitor the portrayal of pitbulls in the media.

“As someone who has owned pitbulls for the past twenty years, my jaw dropped,” said Carol Foyler, the group’s executive director.  “Most of us are thinking the same thing: enough is enough.”

Ms. Foyler said that for pitbull owners who have grown weary of their prized dogs being defamed and mistreated, Gov. Palin’s wisecrack was the last straw: “We’re all like, first the Michael Vick thing, and now this.”

Tracy Klugian, an irate pitbull owner from Buffalo, New York, echoed Ms. Foyler’s sentiments: “I can think of many differences between pitbulls and Gov. Palin – for starters, pitbulls don’t try to get their ex-brothers-in-law fired.”

With Sens. Barack Obama (D-Ill) and John McCain (R-Ariz) fighting for every last vote, a coveted voting bloc like pitbull owners could very well decide the 2008 election, political insiders believe.

While Gov. Palin was not available for comment on the pitbull controversy, a spokesperson for the McCain-Palin ticket offered this official statement: “Gov. Palin does in fact have one thing in common with a pitbull: neither is capable of answering questions from reporters.”

I had to pull the copy and paste deal on this article!!! I could not pass it up.

People that look like their dogs

People that look like their dogs

Winners of a “dog look-a-like” contest