Palin is the pits

I have a year and a half old female blue nose pit bull. I sit in fear every day that one more ignorant owner is going to bring the BSL down on my county. I already have to hide her to get home owners insurance!!!

Thanks Sarah for putting one more nail in our dogs coffins!!!

In light of all the ruckus over Sarah Palin and her ‘pitbull’ comments it’s no wonder she’s not doing interviews. I can see it now Palin showing up on Opera wearing a wolf fur trimmed outfit. (And that is another insidious story.)

This move by Mcain to bring her on still bewilders me his publisist had to know this was bound to happen.

Here’s my conspiracy theory for the night it’s all a ploy to get votes for the ‘anti-Christ’  Obama.:)

This dude is way too smooth for my radar.

Pitbull Owners Blast Palin

Pitbull Owners Blast Palin

Comparison ‘Offensive,’ Dog Fanciers Complain

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who famously compared herself to a pitbull in her vice-presidential acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, appears to have antagonized a key voting bloc in the upcoming election, the nation’s pitbull owners.

While Gov. Palin’s assertion that the only difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull was “lipstick” drew a loud ovation from the Republican faithful in St. Paul, it raised the ire of the Pitbull Anti-Defamation League, a powerful association of pitbull fanciers who monitor the portrayal of pitbulls in the media.

“As someone who has owned pitbulls for the past twenty years, my jaw dropped,” said Carol Foyler, the group’s executive director.  “Most of us are thinking the same thing: enough is enough.”

Ms. Foyler said that for pitbull owners who have grown weary of their prized dogs being defamed and mistreated, Gov. Palin’s wisecrack was the last straw: “We’re all like, first the Michael Vick thing, and now this.”

Tracy Klugian, an irate pitbull owner from Buffalo, New York, echoed Ms. Foyler’s sentiments: “I can think of many differences between pitbulls and Gov. Palin – for starters, pitbulls don’t try to get their ex-brothers-in-law fired.”

With Sens. Barack Obama (D-Ill) and John McCain (R-Ariz) fighting for every last vote, a coveted voting bloc like pitbull owners could very well decide the 2008 election, political insiders believe.

While Gov. Palin was not available for comment on the pitbull controversy, a spokesperson for the McCain-Palin ticket offered this official statement: “Gov. Palin does in fact have one thing in common with a pitbull: neither is capable of answering questions from reporters.”

I had to pull the copy and paste deal on this article!!! I could not pass it up.

What Dog Are You? Book Review


What dog are you?
Discovering your inner pooch
Co-authored by Lori Lebda & Tami Bergeson

By Michele lee

This little book is certainly in a league of it’s own. How they came up with the actual idea of the book is a source of amazement in itself.

Warning: All you warm and fuzzy dog lovers with your little sweater wearing mini pins and shitzu’s are going to have an absolute fit over this book.

This book is the real deal a must have for dog fanciers worldwide.

The concept is adorable although somewhat off the beaten path. Most avid animal lovers are a little er…um…eccentric (myself included…..I just dyed my Chihuahua  pink to match my highlights, but….that’s another story)

These two brilliant women have brought us mere mortals and put us in the shoes of the dogs.

Entertaining and yet educational this book is based around several quizzes. The end result delves into what dog, that you in character mostly resemble.

In my case the end result was a Greyhound. And I guess being the mother of four children it is not too far a stretch to picture me chasing a stuffed bunny in circles throughout my house. Recently it was actually a hamster but close enough!!

My fiance actually picked the book up and did the quiz himself and that my dear readers in a nutshell says more about this little book than I ever could convey. (I did not know the man could read! 🙂 )

If you are having a get together anytime soon make sure you pick a copy up and share the book with your guests. It would definitely keep the party laughing!!

Great job gals!!! Can’t wait for your next one

What The Judges Look for In Confirmation/Dog Shows

In dog breeding and showing, a conformation point is any one out of a long list of dog attributes known as the breed standard. This is a set standard, usually written, which is used to judge a given dog against the hypothetical ideal specimen of that breed. All the winners of Best of Breed (or Variety in some cases) compete in group competition with other breeds that do relatively the same thing. However, each individual dog in the group ring is being judged against its own breed’s standard.

An incorrect conformation point is known as a fault.

Common conformation points

  • Coat, includes colour, type, length, pattern and tactile quality
  • Quality, quantity and distribution of markings
  • Temperament (should be characteristic of breed) and general attitude
  • Head shape; colour of head
  • Bite (how the teeth meet when the jaws are closed)
  • Eye shape and colour
  • Shape, set and carriage of ears
  • Size of animal
  • Ratio of animal’s height to its length
  • Skin health (and often pigmentation)
  • Gait (quality and style of stride and general movement)
  • Grooming, in breeds where that applies
  • Tail shape, set and carriage
  • Shape of feet

There are many other qualifiers, and many specifics within these. For example, in some breeds, skin must include an assessment of the quality of the wrinkles. In some breeds, an examination of the mouth includes measurement and judging of the flews, in most others, this does not apply.

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