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Assistance Dogs for Military Personnel

Assistance Dogs for Military Personnel (ADMP)

Assistance Dogs for Military Personnel (ADMP) is a program created by Texas Hearing and Service Dogs (THSD) to train Hearing and Service Dogs specifically for U.S. servicemen and women injured in the Iraq or Afghanistan wars.

THSD, a non profit organization, has trained Hearing and Service Dogs for 20 years for Texans living with deafness or mobility challenges. Hearing and Service Dogs provide greater independence and life satisfaction.

Hearing Dogs alert their deaf partners by touch and lead them to a variety of important everyday sounds, including a phone, door knock, smoke alarm, an alarm clock and a baby’s cry.

Service Dogs open and close doors and refrigerators, retrieve dropped items, push buttons, operate lights, fetch help and nudge paralyzed limbs into position. They also perform customized tasks such as tugging off clothing and bracing for transfers.

Balance Dogs, a type of Service Dog, assist individuals with balance while walking, standing and changing positions.

Who is Eligible?

Military personnel whose injuries during their deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan resulted in a significant hearing loss (missing important sounds) or loss of mobility, e.g. spinal cord injury, leg amputation, etc.

Assistance Dogs for Military Personnel provides all Hearing and Service Dogs free of charge to qualified applicants. Donations underwrite the $17,500 cost of training. Applicants pay a $25 application fee. Once the Hearing or Service Dog moves in with the recipient, he or she is responsible for the dog’s care and upkeep. The cost averages $600/year-the same as the cost of a pet dog.

Qualified applicants must commit to the responsibility of training with the Hearing or Service Dog.

The TRIAD Fund of the Dallas Foundation sponsored the first five Assistance Dogs for Military Personnel. Many more servicemen and women who suffered a traumatic loss of hearing or mobility during their deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan need Hearing and Service Dogs! Your donation helps fund the $17,500 cost of training so we can provide these dogs free of charge.

Your donation helps rescue dogs and change lives. Please donate today!


As the name indicates, these dogs visit various institutions, hospitals or special programs offered in your area and act as

healing (if you will) benefits to those the dog comes in contact with. These visits could include: Nursing homes for the elderly, Veterans Administration Hospitals, Homes for the Mentally Ill, or programs for the Juvenile Delinquents. These dogs act as a catalyst to take the patients minds off their problems and dwell for a while on interacting with the dogs. It is proven Medical Fact that the elderly live longer, happier lives when then have a pet (companion) to love and care for. It goes without saying therefore, that these dogs must be of very best character and behavior.

There is an organization for registering these dogs. Therapy Dogs International, “The K-9 Kandy Stripers” DOGS WITH A PURPOSE. They may be contacted at TDI; 6 Hilltop Road; Mendham, NJ 07945. They should be able to supply you with information about a program in your area, or how to start a program. Web page address: E-mail address:

Or contact the All-Breed Kennel Club in your area. You can also contact the Delta Society at 321 Burnett Ave.S., 3rd floor; Renton, Wa 98055-2569 (206)226-7357 or at 300 Park Ave., 15th floor; New York, Ny 10022-7499 (212)310-2802 they run a program called Pet Partners.

Some of their Guide Lines for TDI Registered Dogs are:

1) Dogs must have a current Rabies certificate and distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, para-influenza and parvo-virus inoculations.

2) A yearly physical and stool check.

3) Dogs must be kept on leash at all times when in an institution except when doing certain obedience exercises.

4) Dogs must have passed a training club graduation class or have an AKC obedience title.

5) Dogs must be at least one year of age.

6) Dogs must have annual heartworm tests.

7) Female dogs must not be in estrus when participating in therapy work.

8) Dogs must be well groomed.

9) Dogs must wear proper identification if registered with TDI.

Some other things that would be helpful for training your dogs to be a Therapy Dog.

a) Teach your dog some simple trick that would entertain the patients or whatever.

b) Be sure your dog loves all people and children, no matter what the smells are. Some sickly people will have an overbearing odor, no fault of their own. Also hospitals and medications have a lot of different odors your dog should be accustomed to.

c) Be sure your dog is accustomed to being around people on crutches, canes and in wheelchairs.

d) Your dog should show self confidence in large crowds and noisy places

e) Your dog should be under complete verbal and lead control under all circumstances. Be sure he is exposed to a lot of different distractions, such as you would encounter in the places you intend to visit.

f) Your dog should also get along well with other dogs, since others will probably be there at the same time.

g) Teach your dog to take treats only when properly offered and not to be a “thief”, since food items are likely to be around.

h) Teach your dog not to “wash” everybody’s face.

i) Do not let your dog become hyper-active in these situations.

j) Most importantly your dog should have his Canine Good Citizen Certificate.

Here are some links that may be able to give you some direction. I will be adding more shortly……….

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