Beyond Behaviour Dog Training Expert-Mark Siebel

Fido’s Place is proud to introduce you to our very own ‘on site’ canine training expert. Look for his articles every month ( hopefully we can talk him into weekly!!) Follow the links below to read what he says about: Dog food, Jumping and Aggression.


Mark Siebel, owner and lead trainer of DOGGIE STEPS Dog Training, had his first dog at the age of 10. A Miniature Schnauzer named P.J., was the perfect fit with his family of 5. Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, Mark knew from a young age that he had a natural attraction to dogs. “I could never walk by any type of dog without petting it,” says Mark.
DOGGIE STEPS Dog Training leashed its first dog in 2005. Since then, over 400 satisfied K’9’s and customers alike have experienced the pleasures of a “calm-submissive” dog. The goal has always been to show owners how to properly integrate their dog into the home setting. Consulting on what kind of dog to buy, where to buy it from, preparing your home for your new friend and health/nutrition are just a few ways DOGGIE STEPS helps its customers. Also, involving kids in confidently commanding the dog, enabling them with leadership skills and increased self-esteem. “It’s nice to see kids take ownership of the positive results that come from the training of their dog”, says Mark.

Positive reinforcement, deep voice tone, strong body posture, and grunts have all been successful training approaches in the DOGGIE STEPS training classes. Mark takes each dog’s challenges on an individual basis, and tailors each training session to address that challenge. No two dogs are exactly alike, and some training methods must be creatively developed to solve certain individual dog behaviors.

-Mark Siebel-

The training and education of a dog, is no different than that of a human. Dogs must learn to live and socialize as a pack, within the family unit. A well-trained dog will be more calm-submissive in the home knowing that they’re in a follower role, rather than a leader position. 90% of alpha dominant dogs simply need to be re-addressed to alter the behavior to follower and not leader. This takes some time and routine/repetition exercises, but in no time changes can be seen.

DOGGIE STEPS address’s Alpha Dominant dogs with techniques such as:

Human always first, dog second.
Tug or ball games are OK as long as human ends up with toy.
Food and bones belong ALWAYS to human. Dog is afforded to eat and play but must learn that these can be taken away from them WITHOUT growling, nipping, or biting.
Dog must sit or perform other command before eating or given a treat.

“80% of training success comes from the human, 10% is the dog, and 10% DOGGIE STEPS. My greatest pleasure is seeing a customer make their dog sit for the first time just by using the correct voice tone and body posture”, says Mark. Puppy, Beginner 1, and Advanced classes are all offered by DOGGIE STEPS. Mark has appeared on Channel 12 AZ MIDDAY, speaks regularly with local schools youth groups about the importance of dog safety and ownership, and donates time to kids who want to learn more about dogs. He is a member of APPSA (AZ Professional Pet Sitters Association) and ASC of AZ (Australian Shepherd Club of AZ). Mark owns two Australian Shepherds named Leinie and Kugel. Mark also has a large network of relationships with Valley wide veterinarians, groomers, pet-sitters, breeders, and kennels.

For More Information about DOGGIE STEPS Dog Training,
call Mark Siebel at 602.318.0122

-Mark Siebel-

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