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Watch for empty or frozen water dishes—outside dogs on chains and in kennels often get inadequate care during the winter months. Call the authorities. Be a Good Samaritan for animals.

\Pet-Abuse.Com Pit Bull Abuse Reports

Food and Drug Administration–Recalls

Recent Animal Abuse ReportsHELLO, BON JOUR, HEJ, GUTEN TAG,CIAO

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Please Pass this link on if you know ANYONE out there that is dealing with Parvo.

Parvo can be defeated it takes determination but it can be done!! this is not a miracle cure in a bottle that you can order over the internet. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!!!!



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4 Responses

  1. Great site! Looks like you have a lot of information here that I will be perusing over!

  2. This is the BEST/BIGGEST resource for DOG INFO.on the web yet!! Great stuff with a lot of great dog info.!!

    Mark Siebel

  3. Michele,

    That picture of the three dogs linking to my site is hilarious. Thank you for the exceptional link.

  4. Recently you came to my blog, and asked me a question about “where did all of the bad pet food go a year ago.”

    I checked with some of the local stores here and the food was either shipped back to the vendor or throw in the waste, for the land fills.

    That is as much as I know. Your guess is as good as mine as to where it all actually went.

    You have a “dog~gone great site”…I do think you should remind the general public not to buy dog and cat food still. There are only 7 brands out there that are trust worthy of their beloved pets and I still do not trust them.

    I make my own dog food and treats. Just like I would for my children.

    I have a great dog or cat recipe on my blog right now.
    It is basically a cat recipe, but my dogs LOVE them. So…They are dog tested with out any dog being hurt! (smiles)

    I hope to see and hear from your soon.

    Southern smiles and dog paws,
    ~The Baby Boomer Queen~
    Author of BabyBoomerAdvisorClub,com

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