Funny dog pictures to make you smile…

I swear a  Big Doberman busted in and just tore the place  up….’

‘Ahhh, the  fresh, relaxing aroma of feet…….’

‘Uh, cat? What  cat?’

There’s no  explaining Love.


‘Hi! Will you  be my friends?!’

Mad Skills….

The good thing  about working here – If you need assistance smiling, there’s  always help!

A small voice for a dog

I am taking a newly found on line acquaintance’s  advice… Thanks Spirit Dog…check out this link to view how we met, it’s really amazing how some people connect 🙂

Spirit said I needed to use my voice more often and not just provide data all the time. I hesitate sometimes to speak out I have very strong opinions when it comes to most things, but especially dogs. I cannot tolerate cruelty and abuse this includes neglect on an animal. I see training/blog sites out there that promote the use of ‘shock collars’ and electric fences. They are also known as ‘Hunting collars’ . Those blogs piss me  as off they rarely will accept a comment what does that say?

I am not a fussy cutesy type that photo’s my dogs and makes up cute little stories. I may sketch a sarcastic mutt at some point that has a bleak perspective on life and a droll sense of humor. (good idea actually) Don’t get me wrong I am not knocking those blogs I luv ’em I read them all the time. Okay so I am trying to ‘suck up’ there are so many more of them than me….(insert shameful grin here)

Actually I spend so much of my time trying to find prudent articles on health, food, animal welfare and so forth, that I don’t have time to visit these sites.

My most recent discovery and ‘shock’ to my sensibilities, is still burning in my veins like hot oil. And that would be, what is really behind the pet food recall. And the dismaying fact that our dogs were eating not only crap but harmful substances in their food long before the recall It did not matter how much you paid for a premium brand either, it was still the same scenario. I wish I could warn every owner out there, I wish they could really understand the truth.

It really sucks that someone of no consequence like myself cannot be heard against the

‘powers that be be’

in conclusion,’ Spirit Dog, I do not speak much because…I have a ‘small’ voice’.

If you have no idea what I am babbling on about go to this link

People that look like their dogs

People that look like their dogs

Winners of a “dog look-a-like” contest

Fido’s Been Busy….

Yep, we certainly have had not a minute to spare, here at the dawg house. Our week began with our computer taking a nose dive (this would be the second time since ‘Fido’s Place’ was created) I am beginning to think the luck of the ‘Blue Jays’ that I have been cheering on so faithfully, is rubbing off ( insert shame faced chuckle here ) My long time Canadian friends are telling me I should know better, the Blue Jays are just not gonna happen’. How sad is that?! I remember going to their games as a kid and nobody would be there….sigh…poor fella’s!

I am so grateful to my wonderful & talented friend Susan Sheridan who let me bully her into taking time away from her painting ( you can check out her work all over my site) and her own blog to come on over to our site and help us live up to our promise of ‘daily updates’. I got to go computer shopping while she was busy designing a smokin’ new banner banner for the new site I am launching soon….

‘Fido’s Place’ is going ‘dot com’…..

Well ….actually, again. It already was at one point but then it went ‘poof’ into cyber space!! Don’t ask, ’cause I don’t know!!

So I basically just wanted to let y’all know …. (Yep, I said y’all …just for you ‘Thomas the Terrible’ -author of )

There was a short pause while I was writing this in case anyone noticed (silliness is imperative in these dark times…chuckle) I decided to do an absolutely ‘brilliant stunt’ and mistakenly take my son’s 50 mg of Vivance (this is an amphetamine used for ADHD) instead of my ‘sleepytime’ medication. I suddenly started began feeling like running a marathon instead of falling asleep (or possibly like I had just smoked ‘crack’ (I am unsure on that one, I have never even seen the stuff other than on T.V.) I asked my son son Matt (15) to look on the kitchen cabinet shelf to see if I may have mistaken my med’s for something else. (several of us in our household are medicated- I have two Bi-Polar /ADHD children, who have a Bi-Polar Mommy . You guessed it, that would be me, myself, and I and probably more…ha! ha! with high blood pressure!!)

Anyways to make a long story, longer and most definitely entertaining, not to mention somewhat embarrassing my concerned and level headed son called poison control when we realized my error. The real concern is I am on several other meds that may not mix very well with an amphetamine/stimulant, not to mention my high blood pressure. Poison controlled panicked the poor child (which he never let on whatsoever during the crisis) and he called the ambulance. (actually ‘my major ‘concern and greatest fear was that I had just put my laundry in the washer and I was wearing sweats going ‘au naturel’ underneath so I was in a complete frenzy trying to find clean underwear!! All I could envision was being toted off to the hospital via ambulance and being stuck in the infamous wardrobe of all hospitals-the backless gown!!) Obviously I have not stroked out and I am fine, but I must say my typing speed has greatly improved and I will probably knock out quite a few posts tonight…(it is now 12:00 a.m. eastern standard time and I am feeling quite bouncy to put it mildly)

Bragging time!!! I have two absolutely incredible teenagers that pulled me through a potentially hazardous event with level heads, calmness, and a sense of humor. (my 16 year old daughter was also present for the drama) She tended to my potential hysteria keeping me calm and laughing, making sure no fear entered my head and worsening my condition, ie heart rate and blood pressure as my son handled things with Poison Control and the E.M.T’s. They both had gathered up all the medication I normally take to have ready for the Emergency Tech’s.

My kid’s Rock…I love you guy’s I am a Lucky and Blessed Mom and I am sorry I have to be such a ‘meanie’ all the time!!! The days are coming soon that I will get to stop telling you what to do and what not to do…and just hang out with you guy’s!!!! We will do lunch and a movie soon…before school starts I owe you both one…a big one!!! (they are so gonna kill me when they read this…teehee)

Matthew (15)

Matthew (15)

Good Lord I am rambling arn’t I?….that would be me on speed …lol… the whole point of this post was to let everyone know that if I am not posting here as often as I was, is because I am over at my working hard to get it just right. I still use wordpress over there, gotta have my wordpress themes they are the best out there. But I have a lot more flexibility and of course it is ‘way cool’ to own my own website. So wander over there every now and then and give it a peek, let me know what you think.

I will announce my official ‘Launch’ date here on this blog when it arrives!!! I must sign off I am headed over there now…kiss your dogs good night ( and your spouses too!!, if they’ve been good.. 🙂 xoxox Michele

P.S. Thanks for everyone’s support and e-mails…it makes it all worthwhile!!!

PPS…. Good Morning all…it is now 7:00am and I am still flippin’ perky….sigh

A Little Experiment-Barack Obama

We are about to make it to 4,000 hits!!!!……

I have to let you know I thought I was a ‘bad ass little bitch’ getting 100 or close to it ‘hits’ a day… Until I thought I would check out one of the ‘top blogs’ on WordPress…..OMG we are talking 10,000 hits a day!!!

Maybe I should rename my site to ‘Barack Obama’s Dog Blog’????……

I found an article with Obama and pets… I can use ‘tags’ with his name ….lets see what happens…lets call this a little experiment… 🙂 (Evil Grin)

A recent poll shows that John McCain leads Barack Obama among pet-owning voters 42-37%. McCain is reportedly doing especially well among dog owners. McCain has an array of dogs, a cat, turtles and birds. While non-pet owners favor Obama, most Americans have pets.

Obama isn’t necessarily closed to the idea of having a pet:

“While he doesn’t currently have a pet, Obama has reportedly promised his daughters a dog once the campaign is over.”

Suffice it to say that Obama, now that he has heard the latest from pet owners on the ground, will refine his position on the pet ownership issue, and will likely revise his dog adoption timetable. Campaign aides hint they’re conducting focus groups among college-age students and their Marxist professors to consider the most politically favorable breed options and aim to conclude canine procurement negotiations prior to the first Tuesday in November.

Scarf-wearing Muslims will not be invited to the debut appearance of Obama’s new four-legged pal.

One Of Those Pictures…..

Attention: SPIRIT DOG An Unfounded Slanderer!!-Update 7/10/08

UPDATE: 7/10/08 Spirit Dog and I seem to have settled into an amicable state these days…lol.. and despite our differences I would much prefer his up front honest personality to other choices !!!

What can I say he’s a man!!!!!

This is my first encounter with acute ignorance and I am absolutely furious.I have posted a remedy on my site that I found on a site ‘Casa Del Toro‘ this remedy for Parvo saved my dog’s life over a year ago. I have his link posted to try and help others through an absolutely devastating experience!! I have no hidden agenda or ulterior motive in fact my entire site is in existence in order to help and educate dog owners.

I absolutely will not tolerate unfounded slander of another site!!!this is a practice that could cause the site owner to be hacked and other wised harmed by such a vicious accusation.

The breed Specific Legislation was formed because of exactly the same sort of ignorance.

I am unbelievably angry I am being accused by this ‘Spirit Dog’of posting a link to a site that sells and breeds fighting dogs!!! I am hereby renaming ‘Spirit Dog’ THE VILLAGE IDIOT!!!!!

Below is a copy of the post I am rambling on and on about. I was merely making a comment on his post about socializing animals (I was in agreement!!) and BAMMMM……!!!! Ignorance reared it’s ugly head!

Clasidog, on July 1st, 2008 at 11:09 am Said:

Socialization of our dogs is one of the most important factors that must be taught…so many do not realize that when they put their dog away in another room to prevent it from jumping or licking their guests, they are alienating and teaching mistrust to t.their pet.

thespiritdog, on July 1st, 2008 at 1:22 pm Said:

It’s probably best if we don’t use human terminologies, when describing canine behaviors.
A dog is not going to be laying in the other room, thinking, ” How dare they put me in here”.

If every person that came into our house, was comfortable with dogs.We wouldn’t have to many problems.
But that is not the case. A lot of folks are not comfortable around dogs.
So we remove our dog, from a situation that can turn out bad ,for both guest and dog.

On the subject of parvo. The site you have a link for, does have good information on treatments. 99% of the good dog owners, are not going to follow that protocol.

Veterinarians, have a hard enough time, getting their clients to administer the simplest of treatments. Never the less, round the clock treatments.

And to have a link to a site that breeds and sells fighting dogs, is just not a good idea.

Clasidog, on July 1st, 2008 at 3:49 pm Said:

I am absolutely mystified as to why you seem to think this site breeds fighting animals!! There is absolutely nothing of the sort anywhere in their site that would even hint at that factor!!
The site owner is obviously a ‘good ole boy’ I agree, but that does not mean he fights dogs!! He has working dogs he raises cattle, he even advises that pups be introduced to other dogs at an early age to prevent dog aggression. I am wondering if it is his ‘breed’ that makes you think this…I have a pit bull, by the way!!
It is this kind of thinking and jumping to conclusions that has brought the Breed Specific Legislation into our lives and destroyed the ‘lives’ of many dogs!!!
As far as 99% of good dog owners I cannot count how many stories I have heard of pups dying due to Parvo, their owners not having the money to afford the vet treatments or the knowledge to treat themselves. Or better yet, of Vets saying there is no cure..there is nothing that can be done!!

“99% of the good dog owners, are not going to follow that protocol”- spiritdog

That statement in itself is utterly ridiculous not to mention contradictory – a ‘good’ dog owner will have no problem following protocol, never mind staying up around the clock in order to save their dog’s life!!
Why don’t you take a poll….and see how many people would be more than willing to do whatever it takes to save their dog!!!…….Lets see if you even have the balls to print this comment!!!

Here’s some free publicity for ‘The Village Idiot’ and a link to the site…lets see how this unfolds and if he /she has the guts to retaliate!!

Hey Spirit Dog here is your very own avatar!!!!