Chronicles of Chloe

So yesterday I went with a friend to Second Chance Animal Shelter in Copperas Cove Texas to see if they could use a volunteer. This is part of my strategy to pass the days while my hubby is in Afghanistan.
My friend Maggie had fostered on and off for this shelter and wanted to go visit one of her past house guests ‘Bear’. Bear was a little on the wild side and a large lab so unfortunately he became too much for Maggie to handle along with her two year old son to care for.
So we went out back to the outdoor runs where the large breeds are kept and I was wandering around visiting the animals.
There she was her coat all brushed and fluffy…looking her Tuesday best, was a beautiful Great Pyrenees. I eyed her appreciatively but kept moving on so the young couple who had obvious interest in her could get her full attention. I have never been one for long haired breeds although I think they are pretty. My friend Maggie asked one of the workers about her out of curiosity, there just was something about her. I had thought she was going to be scooped up by the young couple but not so. Apparently she was not adoptable at this time due to her heart-worm positive condition. All my instincts suddenly went into overdrive and her situation was all to clear. She would have to remain at this shelter until her treatment was complete and it was 10 am in the morning and already so very hot.
It was then I knew I had to bring her home and get her inside. The only way to get her out of the miserable heat was to become her foster Mama….I pick her up tomorrow 🙂
To be continued……

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