Unconditional Love? Take some advice from your dog.



Need a change in your personal relationships?  Take some advice from your dog.

by Mark Siebel – Owner – DOGGIE STEPS Dog Training


As a dog trainer in the Valley for over four years, I have yet to meet a customer who doesn’t display an overpowering connection, passion, and love for their dog.  Sure, they say that a real man doesn’t cry, but the love that he displays for his dog is worldly.  The closest thing to unconditional love from a dog, is the love a mother has for her child.  We joke that “dysfunctional” families have disputes that often seem as if they CANNOT be resolved.  The love from a dog lasts forever and is truly unconditional.  To ensure your wife doesn’t pick the dog over YOU for movie night, follow the below simple tips:


1.                    Listening is the KEY to communication.   A dog’s best sense is scent.  What is a human’s best sense?  Who really knows?  Dogs act on instinct where human beings act on feelings and emotions.  80% of my job as a dog trainer is listening, and the remainder is problem-solving and reassurance.  Having two ears and only ONE mouth should give us a hint!


2.                    Forgiveness and flexibility.   Have you ever known a dog to hold a grudge?  If so, for how long?  I have NEVER seen a dog at a dog park go home with ANOTHER owner!  Dogs are loyal and will remain with their original owner unless separated at the owner’s choice.  Don’t be so rigid with your loved ones.  It takes years to make acquaintances and only MINUTES to lose them!  Joy takes less energy than anger.  Forgive more and judge less.


Are humans designed for unconditional love?  Observe your dog’s behaviors and begin your path to find the answer to this question.


Mark Siebel has trained over 500 Arizona Valley dogs, has dog training tips published monthly in various AZ magazines, appears on NBC Arizona Midday & ABC Sonoran Living, speaks regularly with local schools youth groups about the importance of dog safety and ownership, and donates time to kids who want to learn more about dogs.  He is a member of APPSA (Arizona Professional Pet Sitters Association) and ASC of Arizona (Australian Shepherd Club of Arizona).  Mark owns (2) Australian Shepherds named Leinie and Kugel.  Voted 2008 runner-up “Best Dog Trainer in Phoenix” by SonoranTails Pet Magazine.  For more information or general dog questions, go to:  http://www.doggiestepsdogtraining.com/index.html or call Mark @602.318.0122.

Pete & Ashlee (Simpson) Sniff Out Dog Whisperer

Sneak Peek: Pete & Ashlee Sniff Out Dog Whisperer

Prior to the birth of little baby Bronx, Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz wanted to make sure their two English bulldogs were well-prepared for the arrival of the newest member of the family. So who better to fetch than Cesar Millan, aka the Dog Whisperer, for assistance?

“My biggest concern is them knowing that the baby is a priority in the house,” says Ashlee during the couple’s appearance on the Dec. 18 episode of National Geographic Channel’s Dog Whisperer. “I don’t want them around the baby at first.”

Sure enough, Millan proceeds to do what he does best, teaching Pete and Ashlee various ways to help them better control their pooches, Hemingway and Rigby, including getting these four-legged creatures to, wait for it, utilize a treadmill.

Houston SPCA caring for dogs seized from filthy trailer

Owner says circling UFOs made the animals unhealthy

Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle

Dec. 13, 2008, 8:56PM

James Nielsen Chronicle

Dr. Dev Rajan, of the Houston SPCA, holds one of the terriers seized from a trailer in Fayette County earlier this month.

Houston SPCA veterinarian Roberta Westbrook lifted a trembling toy English fox terrier into her arms Saturday afternoon to examine the dog’s emaciated body.

The spine and ribs of the malnourished terrier were visible. The dog’s nails were overgrown and her tiny paws were soiled from living in her own feces. The dog was among 42 terriers brought to the Houston SPCA Friday from the Gardenia E. Janssen Animal Shelter in Fayette County.

Authorities in Fayette County seized the dogs on Dec. 3, after they were found living in a 5-by-9 foot trailer — eating, sleeping and giving birth in their own waste — with a woman who claimed the terriers were unhealthy because UFOs were circling above her home, said Houston SPCA spokeswoman Meera Nandlal.

“We don’t know if she was breeding them or why she was living with them in such a small space, ” Nandlal said.

Authorities in Fayette County could not be reached for comment on Saturday. It is unknown at this time if any charges will be brought against the woman.

The animal shelter enlisted the Houston SPCA’s help to house and care for the 40 dogs, some of whom are as old as 10. The terrier Westbrook was examining gave birth to two female puppies since she was removed from the trailer.

Most of the dogs are in poor physical condition. Two of them are missing limbs for unknown reasons.

“They could be purebred, but not the best standard,” Westbrook said.

All the dogs will undergo medical and behavioral evaluations. After being cleaned and treated, healthy dogs will be put up for adoption, Westbrook said, adding that those who need more time to recover will be placed in foster care.

The Houston SPCA often sees many large animal seizures, Nandlal said. Recently, the organization took in 70 feral cats.

“Unfortunately, it’s not unusual, ” she said. “There are all kinds of animals that are put into situations they have no control of.”