A dog in chains

The dog stood shivering with cold aching with loneliness staring pitifully as we drove by. His chain was a short and he had barely enough room to make it to his water bowl. I wondered , as I have so many times in the past, why anyone would bother to have an animal just to leave it neglected, alone and chained.  Was this poor animal supposed to be some sort of security?  He could not have been more than six months old at the most.

I fought with myself to go back, go back and rescue this miserable creature. But the law was stuck in my head and the thought of what would be like stealing, overcame my hearts desire.  I could not decide ethically’ which would be the greater ‘wrong’.

As many of you sit and read what I have written I am sure you feel like the decision would be easy for you, I know because I would be the same.

And yet I passed by, not once, not twice, but day after day.

I saw the animal suffer the cold and then the heat, some days no water was accessible for him to drink as the blazing heat beat down on him. His only shelter was the shade and branches of the tree that he was chained to.

I considered myself a great dog advocate and yet I did nothing. I felt felt guilty (horribly guilty) but my guilt did not save this puppy, or give him a nurturing safe home.

At that point in time I was unaware of the fact that I could report this neglect and abuse. I did not know that is was legally considered an actual act of abuse, although a very gray area.

Since that time ( this was many years ago) there has been a bill introduced, this year in fact in February to go into effect October 1st. The HB-1023-Restraint of dogs bill.

Unfortunately so it seems it was withdrawn a mere eight days later. But the attempt does show that this is a serious concern for many. There are other states that do have dog restraint laws and hopefully it will be re introduced at some point in the near future and passed in Florida.

I am writing this particular article because I know that many of you out there that are like me, or how I once was.

You may see an abusive situation but are unclear and unsure of what to do.

Call animal control, call the sheriff’s department, report what is going on. Animal neglect and or abuse is something that can be stopped. It is our responsibility as the race with consciousness to protect our animals, animals that trust us and look to us for their care.

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