How to train your dog to fight

  • Make sure when initially picking out your puppy that you choose the one that picks you. It will come to you immediately with an open and friendly attitude-This is very important to make certain you have a strong connection with your potential champion.

  • Take your new puppy around strangers and other animals as much a possible, also allow people to pet your animal and animals to sniff it and become acquainted.      The more your puppy becomes familiar with others the better. This will prevent any potential distractions in the fighting ring.

  • Give your puppy plenty of toys to chew on to strengthen his jaws and teeth.

  • Play fetch with your animal as much as possible this gives him the chance to learn to follow directions from his master.

  • Never chain or cage, hit or scream at your animal, this makes the dog submissive and insecure, you want an ‘ALPHA’ that is confident and unafraid.

  • Never ever play aggressively with your dog he must never see you as an equal, you must always remain boss.

  • Show plenty of affection and give praise in abundance -this is another confidence/ego booster strategy.

  • Research your dog’s diet carefully proper nutrition and supplements are vital to keep your animal strong and at it’s fighting best. Take your dog on long walks to build muscle and give the him endurance he will require during combat

  • Finally after completing all of the above instruction your animal will be ready and trained and hopefully by this point you will have spent enough time with your pet and developed a bond and won’t want to see your dog mutilated!!!! You now have a best friend for life don’t kill that.

4 Responses

  1. How dare you, give away closely guarded trade secrets like that.. I’ll be contacting the NADF and TWFDFP about this, you can be assured.

    TSD inc. is not affiliated with, The National Association of Dog Fighters or The World Federation of Dog Fighting Professionals.

  2. LMAO… Maybe I will get sued …picture that one in a court of law. It would be like the KKK suing for breech of contract…lol 🙂
    You know I am rather flattered it seems as though you actually read my blog on occasion. 🙂
    Quite a compliment since you author a rather accomplished, high profile blog.

  3. Yours is like one of the few blogs I actually read. Hey, did that marketing company get in touch with you ?

  4. Yes they did…the dvd’s have been shipped out. Thank you again…I am going to do a review on here once I watch them.
    You will have to let me in on how you got that hook up 🙂

    ‘Yours is like one of the few blogs I actually read.’ –DITTO !!

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