– A New Puppy for the Holidays-


It seems like only yesterday that we were packing up our pumpkins and other Halloween décor (actually it was last weekend) and now mid November is almost here and we are trying to decide on turkey or ham for our Thanksgiving festivities.

Christmas, Hanuka, and Kwanzaa are just around the corner and many of us are scratching our heads in bewilderment as we ponder the quest for the perfect gifts.

Those of us with children look forward to the excitement that is contagious as presents are opened by our youngest ones bright eyed and full of expectation.

An age old gift parents like to surprise their little ones with is a bright,shiny, living and breathing, you guessed it, brand new puppy.

This particular article in essence is to address the perils of rash decision making, such as the purchase of an animal.

If you are thinking about introducing a puppy into your family circle, make sure you are fully aware of the responsibility you are taking on and all that it entails.

Puppies are cute and adorable, but for most of us that cuteness can wear off in the span of 24 hours. Usually beginning after your newest family addition has kept you up half the night howling from loneliness and self pity, caused by being separated from it’s mother and litter mates.

After a few more days of constantly cleaning up puppy droppings and puddles the sudden realization of what we have gotten ourselves into hits home, and hits home hard.

The newest addition to our family is similar to acquiring another toddler, extremely needy and of the diaperless variety.

But that is not by far the least of it, a chewing monster with a taste for anything and everything has been unleashed, upon your leather couches and designer Italian shoes.

Shelters and rescue organizations everywhere are full of unwanted animals that people were unprepared for. So before making a commitment you may regret make sure you are prepared.

Below is a check list which can help assist you when purchasing a new family member.

  • Your wallet will be affected.

    Pets cost money, they need shots, worming and may have health issues just as humans do.

    They need nutritious diets and supplementation to help keep them healthy and live long lives.

  • Educate yourself in what breed may best compliment your family and lifestyle.

    For example certain breeds are better suited with children, other breeds are extremely people oriented and when left alone for long periods of time (IE: when you are at work) become very destructive. And then there are those that are extraordinarily ‘high’ maintenance and therefore expensive (such as English Bulldogs due chronic to skin problems, allergy issues and so on that is associated with the breed itself.) Some breeds need a lot of exercise and room to run, while others need specialized grooming and maintenance.

  • Buy a crate -familiarize yourself with crate training.

    There are differing opinions on crating an animal, but dogs are den animals and in my opinion it is the most humane way to ensure your sanity and teach your pet.

  • Research the proper food and nutrition – be very aware of the vast pet food recall and the companies that are involved. Avoid using these brands like the plague. Always remember ‘anywhere’ that sells pet food including Vets and pet stores make profit off their sales. Trust no one’s word, do your own investigation. All of this information is available to anyone who takes the time to look , via the internet.

    NOTE: Always remember the most expensive food is not necessarily the best food.

    Hopefully these tips have given you a good guideline to start you off.

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