“BUY” or “YOU Killed a Shelter Dog”…by Animal Extremists

PUPPIES… “BUY” or “YOU Killed a Shelter Dog”…by Animal Extremists
October 11, 2008 · source:http://petdefense.wordpress.com/
Some of us might think that “What if puppies were illegal” is ridiculous, and wonder why would anyone be saying that? Let me tell you why I have said it.

In the United States, there are actually people and groups that believe people do not have the right to OWN, BUY, or BREED a dog. And they also believe that IF one does OWN, BREED or BUY a dog–that it is allegedly “morally and ethically wrong” and that “buying” a dog is a sin, and so is dog breeding. For example, in Denver, CO or San Francisco, which are animal rights territory, they do not believe dogs should be “bought”, “sold”, or bred.

In the United States right now, animals are considered property. The ownership of property gives one certain rights in regard to the seizure, taking, stealing, killing, or any other associated rights that may go along with woning property, usually due process rights. These rights are part of our constitutional law, and ownership usually implies that due process must be had when our property is taken from us.

The people and groups which don’t believe that others should OWN, BREED or BUY dogs believe that it is OK to lie, make up things, mislead, and fabricate facts, so that the public will listen to them, or so that the public will GO ALONG with them when they want to stop people from OWNING, BUYING, OR BREEDING A DOG.

So to do this, these people against OWNING, BUYING AND BREEDING DOGS tell the public that certain animals should not be “sold” and certain animals should not be “bred” and certain animals should not be “owned.” For example, the word “overpopulation”, which has been in use by these people for years, was at first used to cut down on the numbers of dogs killed in shelters. OK that was like Step #1. Then after shelters had to start “altering” all the shelter dogs/cats, that was perhaps Step #2. OK–so shelter dogs/cats are all “altered” so they won’t reproduce, since they lost their original homes, or were strays, or were placed in shelters for other reasons.

Now we come to Step#3, let’s say. Step #3 could be the fact that the people and groups who don’t want people to BUY, OWN OR BREED dogs–-claim that the animals in shelters are NOT “all adopted.” Of course they are not all adopted. But let’s just look at some of the known reasons why they are not all adopted, which could be some or many of these reasons:

1. The dogs are not the breed/size wanted by the customer

2. The dogs are not the temperament type wanted by the customer

3. The dogs are not the age/or sex wanted by the customer

4. The dogs are not the type that landlord will allow

5. The dogs simply do not appeal to the customer

6. The dogs do not have a behavior background which is known and the customer has small kids

7. The dogs are wanted by customer, but shelter won’t allow customer to adopt it due to various reasons (kids not over 10yr old, customer already has 2 dogs, etc)

8. The dogs are not at the price the customer wants to spend.

Now those are just some of the common reasons that dogs are not taken from shelters. Oftentimes, most customers want small female young dogs, or puppies. And what is in most shelters, at least in CA, are not small young female dogs or puppies. In fact, studies have already shown that the majority of NON adopted dogs are mixed breed (medium-large size) male juveniles (1.5-2.5yr old) which usually have little behavioral training, sometimes not much socialization, and sometimes unknown behavior issues. In some cases, behavior aggression may be present.
HELP !!! The shelter worker said this dog was trained!!!!!

But of course, not all dogs are of this type. But many of them are. So the public is then told by the groups and people who don’t want a dog BRED, BOUGHT or OWNED, that SHELTER DOGS DIE if YOU go out and BUY a dog. YES–that is exactly what the groups+people say. If you “buy” a dog you are “killing” a shelter dog. Complete BS.

Anyone with a brain can see that is just an outright lie–but they say it on purpose so people will feel peer pressure to NOT buy a dog. Are we forgetting where we live? This is the United States. This country was set up so people would have rights and the opportunity to do what they feel is right for them. Yet the people and groups that don’t want dogs BRED, BOUGHT or OWNED claim that there is no constitutional right to breed, buy, or own a dog.

While that is interesting, in the meantime the groups and people against OWNING dogs have decided that we don’t OWN a dog anymore. They CLAIM we are only “GUARDIANS” of such animals, even though we own them as our property. As far as I know, there is no case precedent set yet for what exact rights a “guardian” has over an animal, but it is not likely to be as complete as an “owner” since ownership is usually the highest form there is over property. [It is an animal extremist plan to use “guardian” to ultimately take away ownership rights of animals. Hopefully this won’t happen while I am still alive.]

Now let’s go back to Step#3–that the shelter dogs are NOT all adopted. Let’s say that 75% of the dogs were adopted out, leaving 25% which were not adopted. The people and groups who are against “OWNING” dogs are not satisfied (they claim) with 25% not adopted. So then these same people decide that they need to pass a LAW—Step #4— which will do several things:

1. A law which will either stop breeding of any dogs, or severely limit any dog breeding

2. A law which will make it more expensive to own a dog which is not “altered” since these groups+people want ALL animals to be “altered”, don’t want dogs to be “sold”, and want no dogs to be “born”

3. A law which will make it very difficult to engage in the raising or breeding of any dog, by the law having so many “shall” provisions or “shall not” provisions that to follow the law would drive you insane, or that such law would force the dog “owner” to comply with potentially illegal rules which violate the owner’s rights

4. A law which will enable and allow non governmental people (non-governmental employees) to have quasi-police powers, meaning, that non governmental people would be allowed to perform surveillance on “owners” and perform search and seizure of the owner’s property, and personally enter the “owner’s” residence

5. A law which would enable “complaints” to be made to authorities such as animal control, claiming the “owner” did something wrong, even if there was no proof that the “owner” did anything wrong, and then there would be no appeal process against the complaint, and the “owner” would have to pay fines

6. A law which would force the “altering” of all pets at 4 months of age, regardless of the detrimental health benefits, regardless of the detrimental scientificially proven substantial problems that happen to many pets that are altered too young, and without regard for whether the “owner” likes it or not

ALL of the above ordinances or laws (#1-6) have either been attempted, or have already passed in certain cities/or states. Clearly, even if you do not know anything about shelter populations, or statistics in shelters, or whether these groups and people who don’t want others to OWN, BREED, OR BUY A DOG are known to you, I can tell all of you without any hesitation whatsoever—the belief that we could BUY a puppy whenever we WANTED to do so–is in jeopardy now. From reviewing ALL of the legislation involving the canine proposed laws in the states—many laws are pushing to get rid of reputable dog breeders.

The clear reason for this? Because the groups and people who don’t want others to OWN, BUY OR BREED a dog–are animal rights extremists. They are very SET on stopping the right to OWN a dog, BUY a dog, or BREED a dog. And in order to DO that–they have started making rules and laws against dog OWNERS, DOG BREEDERS, AND those who would BUY a dog.

You might think this is a joke. It isn’t. The only step left is Step#5, to make it against the law to BUY a dog. Extremists CLAIM everyone needs to “adopt” a dog, and that no one should BREED a dog. In other words, extremists are saying they can tell the entire United States that we are not entitled to buy a dog if we want one, that we need to adopt a shelter dog, that we should never BREED any dogs, and that mandated altering for every dog should be the nationwide law.

EVEN IF every dog WAS adopted from every shelter, the extremists would still insist that everyone NOT OWN, BUY or BREED a dog. The reason is because they know that often when people BUY a dog, they actually BUY something that they REALLY, REALLY WANT. Just like we might choose a particular car, or house, or an animal. We usually do not CHOOSE things we DON’T want, right?

Extremists are trying to take that choice away from us. By using the Step by Step Method as I have indicated above, they have managed to actually do these things in increments so that most people don’t think about it. Yet we sit now—like sitting ducks–as extremists simply mount one campaign after another, of more and more lies, of more and more stories, and more and more subterfuge.

For anyone that would like to preserve the rights they have, I highly suggest you READ the post on this site which is entitled Extremist (animal rights) Indoctrination at the Hilton……………….it doesn’t get any more clear than that.

The site link below from Pet-Law has a list of states with links on Pet laws or issues for the particular state. http://pet-law.com/statelists.html

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