Previously Owned Dogs

Previously Owned Dogs
By: Gerry Ronson

When you have looking to adopt a dog there are many considerations you must make. First you are going to look at the types of dog breeds and which one may be your favourite. Once you have determine the type of dog you want you have to consider the living arrangements, get the crate, bed, food bowls, and other dog care needs. You are also going to be choosing your dog based on the cost of the actual dog. There can be high costs related to adopting a dog, especially if you find the dog through a breeder. In these considerations you may want to look at pre- owned dogs. Most of us like to have a puppy so that it is raised with us and our family. We also like the ability to make sure the dog has been trained to our specifications and that bad behaviours no longer exist. When you are searching for a pre- owned dog there are many considerations in this area that you should look at.

First a pre owned dog should be trained. They should have gone through socialization and obedience training at the very least as a puppy. The owner should also continue this training as the dog ages. If the owner has done their job in the proper care and training you can be rather confident that the dog will have the best behaviour they are capable of.

You should also consider the behavioural changes a pre- owned dog can experience. You will find that most dogs have at least one person they fall in love with and consider their master. When a pre- owned dog is abandoned by this person you can have a resulting behaviour change. This means that the dog may have been wonderfully sweet, playful, and willing to accept your affections while in the care of their original master, but once they leave the nest, as it were, they may experience separation anxiety and develop bad behaviours. They may even try to run away. This means that you have to be very careful in your consideration. Take the time to get to know the dog. Take the dog to your home a couple of times, have the dog without the owner present, and make the dog feel at home. You can help the dog feel more comfortable before they leave their current home to avoid some behavioural issues.

Most often with a pre- owned dog you are getting the best behaviour, but you are also getting an older dog. This may be something that makes the choice for you. An older dog is not going to be as energetic, and they may even have issues regarding health. It will of course depend on the breed as well as the care they have had their entire life.

You may also want to think about the reason the dog is going to be sold. Has the dog developed a health problem the owner is not disclosing, or are they moving some where the dog is not allowed? There are many reasons for a dog owner to give up a dog. It is important to know those reasons before taking the dog home with you. You should take the dog to a vet for a complete checkup to make sure you have a healthy dog.

You also want to make sure you understand the care and feeding the dog will need. Some owners have their dogs on special diets. This means you need to follow those rules in order to make sure the dog stays healthy and will continue to be happy.

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