Boycott Iams

Shelters, Veterinarians, and Retail Stores Boycott Iams

Showing a groundswell of support for the boycott of Iams products, over 100 animal shelters, veterinarians, and companion-animal supply stores have severed their ties with Iams.

The 96 shelters, 34 veterinary clinics, and 36 retail stores across the United States, Canada, and Australia are joining PETA’s boycott of Iams products because Iams confines animals to cages to conduct cruel laboratory tests on them.

(To view a list of some of the animal shelters that are taking a stand against Iams, click here.)

While giant retailers and wealthy groups like the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) have decided to profit from Iams’ abuse of animals, these shelters, vet clinics, and stores are refusing to benefit from cruelty to animals. They are insisting that Iams end its laboratory tests on animals and instead rely on humane feeding tests conducted in homes and in veterinary offices using animals volunteered by their guardians.

Many of the shelters, vet clinics, and stores that have joined the boycott have written letters to Iams CEO Jeffery Ansell telling him that they will not purchase, sell, or promote Iams products and are informing their clients and customers about Iams’ cruel laboratory tests on animals as well.

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