Animal Moms Thankful for Deadbeat Dads

Here is a post that I found on the Peta site and I could not resist re-posting this…my children personally suffer the ‘deadbeat’ dad syndrome!!!

Animal Moms Thankful for Deadbeat Dads

Posted at 03:06 PM

The jig is up, Sam.
blackberrywallpapers / CC

What is the old saying? “Out of evil, no good shall come”? That’s it. And it’s been true up until now ….

The Tennessee Department of Human Services has recently notified more than 15,000 parents who are behind at least $500 in child support that they face losing their recreational-sports licenses if they don’t pay up soon.

Does anyone else find this as hilarious as I do? All I can picture is some deadbeat dad swigging beer out in a field, stumbling around and pretend-shooting ducks because his hunting license was revoked. It’s making me giggle, really.

Of course, it would be even better if all states that issue these kinds of notifications (or sell duck stamps) were to include information on why sport hunting is cruel and unnecessary (because deadbeats are apparently as oblivious to their own offspring as they are to Bambi’s mom). Oh, and stuff a diminutive male genitalia disorder pamphlet in there as well. Knowledge is power, people!

Posted by Carrie Ann Harris

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