H.R. 6949 “Puppy Uniform Protection Statute”

I would love to hear  your opinions and  comments on the following e-mail that is being passed around-Michele

Animal Welfare Act H.R. 6949 “Puppy Uniform Protection Statute”

The legislation — known as the “Puppy Uniform Protection Statute” (PUPS), or “Baby’s Bill” in honor of rescued puppy mill survivor Baby who is the subject of Jana Kohl’s new book A Rare Breed of Love — was introduced in the House of Representatives yesterday as H.R. 6949 by Reps. Sam Farr (D-Calif.), Jim Gerlach (R-Pa.), Lois Capps (D-Calif.) and Terry Everett (R-Ala.). A companion bill was also introduced in the Senate by Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.)
One question…why 50? Why is that number a reasonable threshold between
hobby breeders and commercial breeders, or what are being called
“puppy mills”. Do you people also realize that the ARAs define anyone
breeding commercially as a mill?And then this bill WILL DIRECTLY AND NEGATIVELY IMPACT EVERY SINGLE

Why? Either people weren’t around a few yrs ago or are forgetting the
problems with a Federal bill (PAWS) that would have changed the AWA to
include regulation of breeders selling direct to the public which is
what this one does.

decided that the intent of the AWA (Animal Welfare Act) was to ONLY regulate those selling
wholesale NOT retail. Every hobby breeder sells retail. So they came up
with PAWS that would have added the intent to the AWA to regulate
breeders who sell to retail.

Prior to that several AR groups filed a lawsuit against the USDA
charging that the AWA was meant to regulate ALL breeders not just those
who sold to petstores or brokers. After a long court battle it was

Please understand this, if you support this new bill and it’s passed the
ARAs can easily file a lawsuit that would force the USDA to regulate ALL
HOBBY BREEDERS. And this will go beyond dogs, it will include every cat,
rabbit, cavy, and bird breeder who is breeding as a hobby and selling
direct to pet owners and/or advertising over the internet.

Please remember this and do your own research, I wrote a brief summary
but CFA and others have and may still have on the net the reasons why
changing the intent of the AWA is dangerous for ALL hobby breeders.

Do NOT support this bill unless you would like to be USDA regulated.
Corinne-a hobby rabbit breeder who long ago figured out the real purpose
and threat behind PAWS.

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