What dog are you? New Book Review

What Dog Are You? Discovering Your Inner Pooch

Co-Author Lori Howell’s new book What Dog Are You? Discovering Your Inner Pooch Is out and  we are  being privileged to review it. (we are Kool like that 🙂 )

‘It is a short book with 3 quizzes for personality, appearance and life choices. Total your score and match the number to one out of 100 breeds. There is also an overall dog breed, your dog age, horoscope and interesting section on learning traits about your new self.                                                                                                  To get even more info you could visit my website www.whatdogareyou.com’

– Lori –

Just wanted to give everyone a sneek peak at what’s coming up in the review department.  And Lori a little ‘shout out’.  Look for our review soon ….we have not actually received the book yet…. but it is on it’s way!!


Dog Horosopes



(June 21 to July 22)

The next few months promise a howling good time to all canines under the Cancer sign. No sit-and-stays for you, it’s all leaps, bounds, stick fetching and flinging off stinky swamp water onto passersby. Yahoo.


(July 23 to Aug 22)

Wasn’t it Oscar Wilde who said “all of us are in the gutter, but some of us are drinking puddle water”? Perhaps not, but that, my friend, about sums up your approach to life. And it’s a good one.


(Aug 23 to Sept 22)

Jogging? Seriously. You’d rather catch some zzz’s and watch Alf reruns. Which are obviously elevated pursuits, right along with the pursuit of leisure and the cat. No one better accuse you of being low minded.


(Sept 23 to Oct 22)

Libra, your sign is the scale, and it looks like you might be tipping it. Lace up those Poochey Shoos and hit the pavement. It’s time to ramp up those walks and work out that canine cardio. The payoff? Better naps.


(Oct 23 to Nov 21)

They can’t tie you up, you’re a dog on the move and no one can keep a good dog down for long. Lucky for you, you’ve got a co-conspirator with a driver’s license and a liberal attitude towards leashes. Can you say Road Trip?


(Nov 22 to Dec 21)

Fortune smiles upon you, Sag. The dog house of your dreams is in the immediate future (radiant-heated floors and all). All your past preserverence is paying off – the fire hydrant of your dreams is about to be delivered. Praise be to Dog.


(Dec 22 to Jan 19)

You’re the belle of the off-leash beach, the dudical dog on the park circuit. No BBQ is complete without you under foot; no hot dog goes uneaten without you drooling. You know your role, revel in it.


(Jan 20 to Feb 18)

No one can say you’re not friendly. Your tail thumping borders on ecstatic and that toothy grin may, by some, be described as manically, um, cheery. Why bother to try and contain your emotion when letting it all hang out is so darn endearing?


(Feb 19 to March 20)

You’ve always been one for fads (pUggs, anyone?) but the Southpaw Beach Diet? No robust dog can survive on distilled puddle water and sunshine alone. Embrace your figure and hit the beach already.


(March 21 to Apr 19)

Move over Lassie, there’s a new dog in town and she’s four-steppin’ her way into the hearts of everyone she encounters. One flash of those pearly whites and doors open. Hollywoof, here you come!


(Apr 20 to May 20)

Tenacious Taurus, you’re right where you want to be. This is your season so kick up your paws and enjoy. Creative endeavors, friends, and financial gain are all favoured this quarter. Roll in it.


(May 21 to June 20)

You’ve been honing your tactical moves with strategic games of chess and are now ready to unleash your master plan for nabbing Sunday roast. Strike while the element of surprise is on your side.

Dog and Baby Friends

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Saving the Michael Vick Dogs -must see t.v.

If you missed it last season, here’s your chance.                                                           Be sure to check out this show dedicated to the salvation of the pit bulls that were confiscated from our famous football fiend ‘Michael Vick’

Saving the Michael Vick Dogs

DogTown Dogtown

Returning This September

Saving the Michael Vick Dogs

Remind Me Friday September 5 9P

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Meet the residents of DogTown

DogTown at Best Friends animal sanctuary


Best Friends sanctuary is their last hope. Visit Site

DogTown veternarian Dr. Mike


What it’s like being a vet at DogTown.
Watch Video


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Trainer’s Diary: Michael Vick Dogs Update

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary's DogTown from the National Geographic Channel show DogTown Dog’s name: Meryl

Trainer’s name: Ann Allums

Initial diagnosis: Fearful of strangers, Meryl may lash out when meeting a new person if not properly introduced.

Training program: First and most important, Meryl is only introduced to new people through people she already trusts so that she does not lash out.  Trainer John Garcia and I have worked rigorously on introducing Meryl to other trainers, so now a number of us have gained her trust. We show her that the people who take care of her won’t hurt her. Additionally, I always seek ways to give Meryl a full and rich life with adoptive owners one day, which begins with learning basic commands such as sit, stay and come, and then moving up to agility training.

Status: Meryl has met new people and has a variety of caregivers who can walk her, play with her and snuggle with her. We practice agility regularly and Meryl loves it. When Meryl sees me coming she gets really excited — good things are going to happen! I also discovered that Meryl loves other dogs and now she has regular play dates with a variety of doggie friends!

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary's DogTown from the National Geographic Channel show DogTownDog’s name: Georgia

Trainer’s name: John Garcia

Initial diagnosis: When I met Georgia, she was very aloof with people, demonstrated food guarding issues and was aggressive to other dogs.

Training program: The first task was to show Georgia that she was loved — that we wouldn’t hurt her, and that in fact we would take care of her and bring good things to her life.  That didn’t take too long! After that, we focused on food guarding.  I started by feeding her by hand so that she had nothing to guard and rewarding her with a bigger treat when I wanted to take another food item away.  She has done a great job. Then we moved to basic commands like sit, stay and come.  I’ve chosen not to address her aggression against other dogs yet.  I don’t blame her for this strong reaction to other dogs after what she’s been through.  For now, if she doesn’t want to be with dogs, that’s fine; we’ll let her be with people — which is what she loves.

Status: Georgia is doing great.  She is enjoying time with me and with her caregivers and hasn’t shown any food guarding issues in a long time.  Plus she’s mastering the basic commands.  She loves her walks, her toys and the people in her life.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary's DogTown from the National Geographic Channel show DogTownDog’s name: Denzel

Trainer’s name: John Garcia

Initial diagnosis: One of the things I immediately noticed about Denzel was his energy level.  I know from experience that dogs with energy need plenty of exercise, so we would need to include exercise as part of the training program for Denzel.  He would also need a lot of mental and physical stimulation, and we would also have to establish boundaries early on.

Training program: Our training plans for Denzel were put on the shelf for a while because when he arrived at Best Friends, our vets discovered that he had a pretty severe case of anemia and an underlying disease — a tickborne parasite sometimes found in fighting dogs.  It took months to get him on track.  After that, it was on to basic obedience training and getting Denzel ready to pass our Canine Good Citizen test.

Status: Healthy, happy and energetic.  Learning new things every day and getting better and better at following basic commands.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary's DogTown from the National Geographic Channel show DogTownDog’s name: Cherry

Trainer’s name: Michelle Besmehn

Initial diagnosis: Shy and undersocialized, Cherry flattens to the ground when on a leash and doesn’t want to walk.

Training program: My plan for Cherry was to first get to know him and figure out what causes him stress, what makes him happy and what interests him, and then use those things to help him feel more comfortable and calm. When Cherry first arrived and we clipped a leash to him, he would completely flatten his whole body to the ground and stay motionless.  So one of the first things I did was to carry him outside for his walk and stand there with him, waiting for him to eventually start moving around a little bit on his own.  Even if he sneaked over to a place that he thought was a little safer, maybe near a wall or a fence line, that was an accomplishment because it was his own agenda.  He was still on a leash, but he realized it wasn’t so bad.  And it progressed from there!

Next, we wanted to introduce him to new experiences and help him to realize that not only will he be able to survive new experiences but he may actually be able to enjoy them.  Even touching him made him nervous, but if you started massaging him, he would start to relax. Cherry also seemed very interested in other dogs, so we carefully introduced him to them and found him a friend in Mel to play with, which has really brightened up his outlook on life.

Status: Cherry is becoming a much braver, more confident dog.  He interacts playfully with all of his caregivers and actively seeks our attention.