Dr.Harvey’s Review

My dogs loved it I must admit, especially the tripe.
If you are ‘hell bent’ on feeding your dog ‘commercially produced’ dog food, then Harvey’s is no worse than the rest.
But… don’t let them try and fool you into believing that they are better than the rest. (and believe me they will)

Dr.Harvey himself is a chiropractor, you know the one’s that have as many advertisements in the yellow pages for auto accident victims as lawyers do. That is a red flag right there.

Yes, they have their own factory/plant and they package all their ingredients there.            The ‘only’ ingredient that they get from another manufacturer is their freeze dried ‘MEAT’
(I got this straight from the president and wife of Dr.Harvey)

Now, they will tell you like all of the other ‘holistic’ company’s (allegedly) that they add no hormones, no chemicals blah…blah… and they do not.

However….(drum roll please) if they are purchasing meat or grain or ‘what-not’ from another manufacturer/plant they legally do not have to list what the ‘original’ manufacturer they purchased from did or ‘added’ to the original meat product.
Dr.Harvey’s in fact get their ‘freeze dried’ meat the same way the rest do.

(freeze drying is a process that is much healthier than the rest…..if the meat source does not originally come from a plant that uses ‘roadkill’ for meat yummmy!)

I am not looking for a lawsuit so I am not going to spell it out…

R_E_N_D_E_R_I _N_G plant. Oopsey my fingers slipped.

It will be denied….they have ‘affidavits’ from the company ‘Freeze-dry foods’ that state they do not use the rendering process…(big whoopy deal) Ontario,Canada also has a red light district where prostitutes are left alone, so are pot smokers! Did I forget to mention Dr.Harvey’s uses a Canadian company and one in the states too, but the Canadian one is their ‘main meat source’.
So not only do they get suppliers from another country to save $bucks$ and further kill our economy, It is a plant that renders.

How do I know?? I am Canadian from Ontario and have a few connections there that certain a certain company was unaware of when they fed me their line of B.S………

More on the my Personal conversations and e-mails with the president of Dr.Harvey’s

State tuned More to come tomorrow!!!!

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