Canine Flatulence-What Can You Do?

Does your dog smell up your house, embarrass you in front of company ? Have you often wondered how something managed to crawl up your K-9’s rear end and die a horrible death? Are you ready to stick a cork in your best buddies butt … )): Here’s part of an article that I found .

I know it’s a problem I have encountered before with my pet over the years. (many…many….times!!)

I figured some of you may have need of this very informative piece…..

How can you combat dog flatulence

There’s more than one way to skin a cat – I mean there’s more than one way to help your dog out if he has a bit of a wind problem.

Give him the best quality dog food you can. Perhaps a recognised, named brand rather than the “generic.” Same goes for kibble – only the best. Your dog will feel the better for it.

Think about it for a moment – if you eat a nice steak and a few trimmings, don’t you feel better than if you’d stopped at the services on the motorway somewhere. Translate the same to feeding your dog. Give him the best dog food you can. Do your research and buy the type of food recommended for the particular breed and age of dog you own.

Don’t give him food you know has a reasonable chance of triggering a “wind problem.” We all know what that means…..!

Some dogs (my old greyhound used to love this one – that’s her at the top of the page) enjoy a spoonful of natural yogurt as a little treat after their dinner. This can aid digestion and reduce the risk of flatulence.

If you dog does “wolf” his food he’ll be swallowing air as well as his dinner. Get ready for a gas outbreak! Try feeding him on a “little and often” basis – the same amount of food as he’d normally have in a day but spread it out a bit. Instead of feeding your dog 1 or 2 portions of food per day, divide the daily ration into smaller portions and feed the dog more frequently.

Cut out or drastically reduce those little treats and leftovers from your dinner. If he gets bloated, you know what’ll happen……..! Sure – it’s hard to resist throwing him an extra piece of doggie chocolate or sneak him a bit of meat from your plate when he comes begging, but resist if you can. Your boy (or girl) will have less chance of a “wind episode.”

Walkies! It’s your dog’s favorite word. Man, how he knows what it means. Take your dog for regular exercise. He needs it anyway and it’ll help to keep his “insides” healthy as well thus aid digestion in general and reduce flatulence. And while you’re out on your walk, there’s a better chance that any gas build up will find a way out “naturally” and it’ll be gone before you get home.

You’ll never completely cut out flatulence on your dog. Well, do you think you’ll never get the odd bit of excess wind – of course you will. And it’s the same for your dog. That said, what you’ve read here should help to reduce your dog’s flatulence and those “nasty smells.” Plus your doggie might just feel all the better for it.

In closing – at all times have the best interests of your dog at heart. Consult a vet immediately if you have cause to think your dog is unwell, suffering and requires professional attention.

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