Pet friendly nude beach

What could possibly be better than strolling down the beach with fragrant salt air perfuming the breeze as it blows through your hair. The waves are crashing all around and gulls overhead are contentedly squawking, bellies full with human picnic leftovers. The sun heats up your skin ‘all over’ as it beats down.

By your side is is your Fido loping along happily barking to the world.
Of course little known to you he is trying to tell you to please shave your back if you feel the need to reveal all of God’s glory to everyone.

Pet Friendly Nude Beaches | Pictures of Nude Sunbathers with Dogs

clothing optional california beachesdog on beach nude beaches

Clothing optional dog beaches – There aren’t many clothing optional (nude beaches) in California, but on the plus side, those that are often greet pets, too.

It’s hard enough to find nude beaches in California, but to find pet friendly beaches that are also clothing optional really limits the score.

The good news is that most clothing option beaches are also pet friendly, and are especially enjoyed by men who like to be out, enjoying the sunshine with their dogs. Do you think that a dog cares if you have clothes on? Nope. A dog could care less. But what dogs like are dog beaches where they can romp and jump into the water, play ball, and have the freedom to roam free of leashes and restrictions. Second nature to a dog, the same desires are also live within men and women.

Pictured above is a Central Coast (unofficial nude beach) in San Luis Obispo. Others include San Mateo County and some of Santa Cruz County’s northern beaches.


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