Blind dog owner injured in pit bull attack

Blind dog owner injured in pit bull attack

Posted on Mon, Aug. 11, 2008


A legally blind Deerfield Beach man suffered serious face and neck wounds trying to protect his small dog Odie from a vicious attack by a pit bull.

The victim, 40-year-old Dan Hout, is recovering in the hospital now. His mother, Margaret Stevens, said he suffered three bites to his face, cuts to his head and deep bites to his hand.

He’s undergoing rabies treatment as a precaution but is expected to fully recover. Odie suffered serious wounds to his face, body and scrotum. The 5-year-old Bichon mix is heavily medicated, has six drains inserted to clean his wounds and will be reevaluated by a veterinarian soon.

Hout, who has severely limited vision, was walking Odie in front of his condominium at 110 SE Seventh St. Saturday evening when he heard a growling dog barreling down on him.

He told police that an instant later he heard Odie — who weighs just 20 pounds — fighting for his life and crying.

Hout’s mother said he struggled with the attacking dog, grabbed Odie and ran back to the condo. But since he couldn’t see, he tripped and fell. The pit bull grabbed him and the mauling continued.

Neighbors were finally able to drive the pit bull away with a broom.

Broward sheriff’s deputies searched the neighborhood but couldn’t find the dog. Animal control officers are investigating several local suspicious dogs.

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