Sustainable Pet Homes- Go Green

Green Roofs for Animal Homes

Stephanie Rubin, owner and designer of Sustainable Pet Design, fused her love for animals, her talent for landscape design and an environmental responsibility into Greenerrroof Animal Homes.

At the moment her catalog features dog houses and bird homes with green roofs. All dog dens are custom-made according to the size of the dog and the local plant types available for the roof. The cedar wood used is FSC-certified and treated with zero-VOC paint and beeswax for waterproofing. The green roof of each home consists of plants native to where you (and your dog) live. The advantages of green roofs for pets are numerous; they are naturally nice smelling and looking, insulate, attract butterflies and repel fleas. You could even use the naturally filtered runoff water as drinking water for your dog.

Shelters come in various colours and models to choose from; from the Heartbox with a heart-shaped entrance to an impressive Cathedral and a eccentric-looking Leafbox. Now you just have to decide whether you want to spend between $1000 and $6000 on a dog house, (or $300 on a bird house!) and whether your dog is more the romantic or quirky type. It is definitely the greenest, maybe a little over-designed dog home we’ve come across so far… More eco tips for four-legged companions in our How To Green Your Pet Guide. Via: Pets Trends ::Sustainable Pet Design

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