Castor & Pollux Natural Ultramix dog food review

Let me start this by saying that as many types and grades of dog food as there are, I’ve probably tried them all!

I stumbled upon the Castor & Pollux Natural Ultramix while looking for a dog food that would have a minimal amount of allergens as well as having a holistic approach. I wanted to have meats as the first and main ingredients as well as the ability for the food to improve on not only my dogs’ health, but also on their skin and coat (very important since I have a coated breed).

This dog food has an estimated 43% protein as the basis for the food. This is exactly what I wanted! Something more meat based which was closer to a carnivore’s natural diet. it certainly doesn’t hurt that this is a recommended food.

The dogs eat this stuff up. They love it. The appeal to humans is nice as well. This stuff is loaded with dried banana chips and dried carrot pieces, among other things. Add a little warm water and watch the dogs go wild.

But what does it do for the dogs’ health? Well, my dogs don’t have flaky skin anymore. Their coats are shiny and seem to grow quite quickly. I feel confident feeding this kibble and the dogs really like it. For the minimal grooming I’ve been doing on their coats, the shelties still look great and their coats shine like it’s freshly polished. Best of all, my dogs aren’t getting rid of all the good food via natural elimination. There are fewer piles in the yard which certainly makes ME happy! This goes to show that the dogs are actually using the food they’re getting instead of it running right through them.

If you’d like more info about this food, please visit the link below.

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