Stop and Smell the Roses….

It is such a beautiful day out side and I have limited time left with my kiddies before they go back to school, my My fiancée will be leaving early October for the Air force Reserves bootcamp and I have been neglecting everyone for this blog since I left my management position with a jewelry store in the end of March.

Funny thing is my management position did not work out because I was gone so much. Now here I am spending every waking hour hour on my blog and upcoming site.

I also want to begin the pursuit of a much more hands on situation within my own community and provide assistance, resources and direction in the area of health care and behavior modification for their pets.

There is an organization I am applying to become an area rep for. Their main focus is on on chained and penned animals and educating their owners as to how this is inhumane and cruel. They also provide shelter and rescue for these animals. Check them out

Well my time is up and I my seven-year old is reminding me that I promised…and I have five minutes left!! Now here comes Izzy, he is saying he wants to get out of the house today. I am going to contribute the ‘idea’ of fishing…………..

Be Well and have a great day….



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