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A small voice for a dog

I am taking a newly found on line acquaintance’s  advice… Thanks Spirit Dog…check out this link to view how we met, it’s really amazing how some people connect 🙂

Spirit said I needed to use my voice more often and not just provide data all the time. I hesitate sometimes to speak out I have very strong opinions when it comes to most things, but especially dogs. I cannot tolerate cruelty and abuse this includes neglect on an animal. I see training/blog sites out there that promote the use of ‘shock collars’ and electric fences. They are also known as ‘Hunting collars’ . Those blogs piss me  as off they rarely will accept a comment what does that say?

I am not a fussy cutesy type that photo’s my dogs and makes up cute little stories. I may sketch a sarcastic mutt at some point that has a bleak perspective on life and a droll sense of humor. (good idea actually) Don’t get me wrong I am not knocking those blogs I luv ’em I read them all the time. Okay so I am trying to ‘suck up’ there are so many more of them than me….(insert shameful grin here)

Actually I spend so much of my time trying to find prudent articles on health, food, animal welfare and so forth, that I don’t have time to visit these sites.

My most recent discovery and ‘shock’ to my sensibilities, is still burning in my veins like hot oil. And that would be, what is really behind the pet food recall. And the dismaying fact that our dogs were eating not only crap but harmful substances in their food long before the recall It did not matter how much you paid for a premium brand either, it was still the same scenario. I wish I could warn every owner out there, I wish they could really understand the truth.

It really sucks that someone of no consequence like myself cannot be heard against the

‘powers that be be’

in conclusion,’ Spirit Dog, I do not speak much because…I have a ‘small’ voice’.

If you have no idea what I am babbling on about go to this link

Up Coming Reviews On the Near Horizon

Up coming reviews….there are some products on the market today that are unbelievable and I am being literal. I am entering a list of things that are so unique that I have to …. just have to…investigate!!
If any one out there has used any of these products ….I HAVE TO KNOW, I am depending on you guys to help me out here, before I spend my kid’s college money on this stuff. (did I say college money? yeah…now that’s funny, I meant lunch money 🙂 ) so please e-mail me asap if you have any info!!!                                                                                                                          

The Scoop on Poop

  • -they have teams to pick up poop for your dogs. They service in 1500 towns. Enter your zip code at their website to see if your town is on their sh** list  (sorry I could not resist!!) spray the poop it gets hard…pick it up..  it’s cool stool..(good one for runny days..) -works like a miniature septic tank the in home private john-features it’s own ‘real feel’ lawn

What dog are you? New Book Review

What Dog Are You? Discovering Your Inner Pooch

Co-Author Lori Howell’s new book What Dog Are You? Discovering Your Inner Pooch Is out and  we are  being privileged to review it. (we are Kool like that 🙂 )

‘It is a short book with 3 quizzes for personality, appearance and life choices. Total your score and match the number to one out of 100 breeds. There is also an overall dog breed, your dog age, horoscope and interesting section on learning traits about your new self.                                                                                                  To get even more info you could visit my website’

– Lori –

Just wanted to give everyone a sneek peak at what’s coming up in the review department.  And Lori a little ‘shout out’.  Look for our review soon ….we have not actually received the book yet…. but it is on it’s way!!


Dog Horosopes



(June 21 to July 22)

The next few months promise a howling good time to all canines under the Cancer sign. No sit-and-stays for you, it’s all leaps, bounds, stick fetching and flinging off stinky swamp water onto passersby. Yahoo.


(July 23 to Aug 22)

Wasn’t it Oscar Wilde who said “all of us are in the gutter, but some of us are drinking puddle water”? Perhaps not, but that, my friend, about sums up your approach to life. And it’s a good one.


(Aug 23 to Sept 22)

Jogging? Seriously. You’d rather catch some zzz’s and watch Alf reruns. Which are obviously elevated pursuits, right along with the pursuit of leisure and the cat. No one better accuse you of being low minded.


(Sept 23 to Oct 22)

Libra, your sign is the scale, and it looks like you might be tipping it. Lace up those Poochey Shoos and hit the pavement. It’s time to ramp up those walks and work out that canine cardio. The payoff? Better naps.


(Oct 23 to Nov 21)

They can’t tie you up, you’re a dog on the move and no one can keep a good dog down for long. Lucky for you, you’ve got a co-conspirator with a driver’s license and a liberal attitude towards leashes. Can you say Road Trip?


(Nov 22 to Dec 21)

Fortune smiles upon you, Sag. The dog house of your dreams is in the immediate future (radiant-heated floors and all). All your past preserverence is paying off – the fire hydrant of your dreams is about to be delivered. Praise be to Dog.


(Dec 22 to Jan 19)

You’re the belle of the off-leash beach, the dudical dog on the park circuit. No BBQ is complete without you under foot; no hot dog goes uneaten without you drooling. You know your role, revel in it.


(Jan 20 to Feb 18)

No one can say you’re not friendly. Your tail thumping borders on ecstatic and that toothy grin may, by some, be described as manically, um, cheery. Why bother to try and contain your emotion when letting it all hang out is so darn endearing?


(Feb 19 to March 20)

You’ve always been one for fads (pUggs, anyone?) but the Southpaw Beach Diet? No robust dog can survive on distilled puddle water and sunshine alone. Embrace your figure and hit the beach already.


(March 21 to Apr 19)

Move over Lassie, there’s a new dog in town and she’s four-steppin’ her way into the hearts of everyone she encounters. One flash of those pearly whites and doors open. Hollywoof, here you come!


(Apr 20 to May 20)

Tenacious Taurus, you’re right where you want to be. This is your season so kick up your paws and enjoy. Creative endeavors, friends, and financial gain are all favoured this quarter. Roll in it.


(May 21 to June 20)

You’ve been honing your tactical moves with strategic games of chess and are now ready to unleash your master plan for nabbing Sunday roast. Strike while the element of surprise is on your side.