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I or my family have always had dogs for as long as I can remember. I was raised with a variety of mutts and purebreds (including a Doberman who loved me and a Rottweiler who thought I was a littermate). I guess you could say my love for animals, and dogs in particular, is just in my blood!

I’ve been “in dogs” with Shelties, my breed of choice, since 1994. I also have a Rocky Mountain horse who is in training for the show ring. Horses are my first love, and now that I have both, I have to work to make time for all of them! 🙂

I’ve always shown my own dogs, at least to get them started. I’ve bred and/or owned AKC obedience Champions, UKC conformation Champions, and AKC/CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) conformation winners. I’m still searching for that elusive AKC/CKC Champion.

I’m considered a reputable breeder and responsible owner by my peers and encourage the search for knowledge. I believe that a knowledgeable dog owner is a responsible dog owner. You can see the subjects of my breeding program at

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