Peer Pressure!!!!!!


Okay, so what could make an otherwise sensible dog sport such a get-up?  The answer is clear – PEER PRESSURE!!!!!!  The same kind of peer pressure that caused me to start creating a new banner for Michele’s blog at 1:00am today!  I’m either a really good friend, or easily swayed by her charms (and her whining).

Michele’s computer had a little “illness” last night so it is up to me intrepid reader to try to keep her blog going for a few days.  I can totally relate to the computer crisis.  I taught an intensive 10-day university course at the beginning of July (an additional qualification course for teachers) and I spent hours and hours and hours (you get the picture) preparing handouts and beautiful powerpoint presentations.  At midnight (you’ll probably guess by now that I’m a total night owl) I got a quick flash of the dreaded blue screen and then everything was gone.  Try as I might, nothing would revive the beast and I am now typing on a snazzy new laptop.

Thankfully I had the photos of all my artwork (yes that’s my painting you find smattered around Fido’s Place) on a CD!!!!!!  All of my stuff that was job-related was lost into the ether.  Since I’m on summer vacation at the moment I really don’t care that much – perhaps I’ll get a hard dose of reality in September when I have to reinvent the wheel!!!!!

Well, I know I haven’t really talked too much about dogs, but I did provide you with an amusing picture to look at.  If you have the time, why don’t you drop by my blog and take a look.



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