One more win for the ‘underdogs’

See a baseball team can fit in with a dog blog….this has been a team that has been on a losing streak since 93. So they are ‘THE’ underdog team in my book. Even the Canadian Blue Jay fans are hardly paying attention they are so use to them losing. But I hang on to a long ago memory of 1993 when my stepdad had world series tickets and the Jays were playing the Braves. He would call me every now and then during the game and I could hear the Atlanta fans doing their Indian chant. He also called when the Blue Jays won the World Series and the city was going insane….I could hear the cheering and the cars honking and I could literally feel the electricity clear through the phone. It was a proud moment as I sat in my living room in Jacksonville Florida remembering all those after school practices my friends and I went to long before the ‘Superdome’ was built. I guess you could say that is what my love for the Blue Jays stems from…nostalgia.

As much as I love the United States and am proud to have born my four children here, once in a while I still get homesick…for the snow, the Toronto Maple Leafs, snowmobiling, roasted chestnuts, and all my high school friends I left behind…and oh yeah…Doug and Bob Mackenzie ‘Take off eh?”

Go Jays!!!

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