The second week of The Greatest American Dog

‘He’s a Farter, Not a Fighter’ is probably going to become a bumper sticker at this point. Thursday night the plot thickened and an inkling of true personalities began to make an appearance. Little Presley the Jack Russell Terrier established him self as an alpha male during a little squirmish he had with our laid back bulldog, Tillman. (who is about five times his size) What did Tillman’s owner have to say about it all “He’s a farter not a fighter’..not exactly not my choice words…but most definitely a quote that will be long remembered.

Bill, ‘Star’s’ poppa, a self-employed pressure washer from Flint, Texas, certainly had my heart and probably everyone elses. As we watched him suffer through the ordeal of Star’s accident (cause remains unknown) with his much more than ‘just a dog.’ -Bill’s Words

When Star disappeared out of vision and we all heard her yelp, how many of were secretly wondering if our little Jack Russel buddy Presley had been up to his bullying again?

Elan, a pet care and animal rescue volunteer from Portland, Oregon slowly begins to grate on ones nerves as she continually corrects her overly large ‘puppy’ with ehhh’ and ehhh and again ehh, ehhhh in a voice that is less than soothing. By the end of the night I really think she was booted off more because the judges were ready to shoot themselves. (much like myself) listening to her non- relenting series of ‘ehhh’s.

Crazy Chick -Beth Joy from New York City (which is ‘no excuse’) is just plain out strange. I really think her poor little Shitzu/Lapso mutt Bella something is probably some type of service dog, that reminds her owner to take her pills when she sense an ‘episode’ coming on. (somewhat like a seizure dog) Miss Beth showed some ‘moxy’ and her temper flared when she defended her dogs sense of style or basically the accusation, that she used her pet as a barbie. Frankly I was pretty surprised, I honestly thought she was too ‘out there’ to even get offended…chuckle 🙂

The funniest moment of the show had to be Tillman’s expression as he tried to obey his master…..but that steak was calling his name in the last challenge. But he was a ‘good boy’ and resisted…barely

And of course ‘cute guy’ Travis and 1 1/2 year old Boxer Presley from Los Angeles, Calif. (originally from Perry, Oklahoma) cracked us us all up as he banished last weeks winner to the ‘Dog House’ When he and Presley took over occupancy of the ‘winners suite’ for this week.

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