A Little Experiment-Barack Obama

We are about to make it to 4,000 hits!!!!……

I have to let you know I thought I was a ‘bad ass little bitch’ getting 100 or close to it ‘hits’ a day… Until I thought I would check out one of the ‘top blogs’ on WordPress…..OMG we are talking 10,000 hits a day!!!

Maybe I should rename my site to ‘Barack Obama’s Dog Blog’????……

I found an article with Obama and pets…..now I can use ‘tags’ with his name ….lets see what happens…lets call this a little experiment… 🙂 (Evil Grin)

A recent poll shows that John McCain leads Barack Obama among pet-owning voters 42-37%. McCain is reportedly doing especially well among dog owners. McCain has an array of dogs, a cat, turtles and birds. While non-pet owners favor Obama, most Americans have pets.

Obama isn’t necessarily closed to the idea of having a pet:

“While he doesn’t currently have a pet, Obama has reportedly promised his daughters a dog once the campaign is over.”

Suffice it to say that Obama, now that he has heard the latest from pet owners on the ground, will refine his position on the pet ownership issue, and will likely revise his dog adoption timetable. Campaign aides hint they’re conducting focus groups among college-age students and their Marxist professors to consider the most politically favorable breed options and aim to conclude canine procurement negotiations prior to the first Tuesday in November.

Scarf-wearing Muslims will not be invited to the debut appearance of Obama’s new four-legged pal.

2 Responses

  1. The magical 10 000 is certainly something to aim for. The next trick is getting them all to take action! Good luck.

  2. petmemorialworld:

    Thanks for stopping by….Hopefully my site will ‘inspire action’ by some,
    ….entertain others ..
    and provide information and resources to ‘all’ in the caretaking of their precious pets!!
    It is by far not about the ‘hits’…..but it does help me tell if I am actually reaching people 🙂

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