Pet Food Review-Don’t buy it -ANY OF IT!!!

In light of very recent discoveries and research I have come to believe there is ‘NO’ commercial dog/cat food out there that is what it claims to be. Unless of course there is a brand out there that has..’uses rendered carcass‘ stamped on their bag!! (I have not done sufficient research into foods for birds, reptiles, fish etc.. Their nutritional requirements are entirely different)

I have not researched every brand out there personally but I have learned a few facts in the last week that has left me ‘cold’

If you are the mind set and belief that the USDA and our government will protect us against companies from using substandard ingredients in foods for our pets . You are so mistaken!!

If you think that pet food was safe before we imported certain ingredients from China, think again. If you think that what happened to cause the recall was a huge and horrible ‘accident’ that China caused……

Consider this …if the company’s concerned in the recall and our government agency’s that quality control our import/exports did not have such a total and complete ‘lack of concern’ about quality or anything else, Their main concern being ‘cost’ this never would have happened.

Sadly I promise you that if our pet food companies had learned of what was in the ingredients…as long as they were not caught they would not have cared. Their remorse was like that of a small child caught with his hand in the cookie jar..’Sorry’ he got CAUGHT!!

Here are some ‘bitter truths’ AAFCO’ (Association Of American Feed Control Officials) has ‘NO’ official definition of human grade ingredients!!

Pet food companies can ‘legally’ say they use only ‘Human Grade/Human Consumption Ingredients because of this…. The list of what these ingredients are allowed to be…will nauseate you!!

Please stayed tuned for more…..This is just the introduction..and yes I can prove all my statements in this post!!