Clasidog Speaks…

To all my loyal readers (I think there are a couple…. 🙂 )

I have decided to change the basic tone of my site.

I must say I deeply regret any readers that I may be losing over this but it is something I must do.

I am tired of playing nice….nice gets you ‘no where’. Being ‘nasty’ and ‘insulting’ is not who I am either….Just not my style

However honest, plain old fashioned TRUTH is good….even when brutal. Especially on the web when it seems to be the ‘thing’ to be anal about everyone, every thing ,every subject….nothing is sacred.

I guess that is ‘Freedom of speech’ or just plain GOOD READING.

Regardless, be prepared for the new and improved me….no more sugar coating!!

Thanks Everyone For All your Support stick Around It Gets Better!!!

The New & Improved Me

The New & Improved Me