The Greatest American Dog

There are going to be 27 million, zillion blogs (sounds like a fair number) on this show.

I even hesitate to post one.

But…..I think it will be interesting to follow along with the show weekly and see how it unfolds.

So far is is absolutely not what I expected. I wonder what the criteria was to be on the show? I only actually found about three of them likable. I think that was probably the intention, to make a mix of the most annoying people with a few admirable ones. The result, hopefully ‘good’ T.V.

It surprised me I will admit that the drama ‘queen’ (no pun intended 🙂 ) was the first to go. I would have thought he would have been ‘fluttering’ around awhile stirring things up. (hopefully he ‘slapped ‘the winner on his way out!!!

My whole take on the show so far….’Poor dogs’ how embarrassing to be paraded around on national television with these ‘idiot’ humans.

My Favorites at this point …both of the old dudes…especially the ‘good old boy’….the somewhat cute guy…who talked about feeling like the last kid on the team to be picked.

My dislikes…the blonde who reminds me of my ‘sulky’ teenage daughter….

“Speaking of my daughter…I have to do this I threatened to blog about her last night. It’s bad parenting to make threats and not follow through!! I was discussing that I wanted to add some articles about home made dog toys on my site with my fiance. And my animal loving 16 year old daughter kept insisting that a great source of entertainment for the dogs would be our hamster!!!”…. s-i-g-h…..

The brunette who, yes is very pretty…as long as she shuts up!!

And of course the winner of the first challenge.. One word… ‘OBNOXIOUS’!!!!

The Dogs…..

they all are full of character and personality and are great (maybe the show cast was picked on the personalities of the dogs? hm-mm) The English bull skateboarding was too cool…his laid back but macho self was adorable. And the old farmers dog… hee hee loved the way he jumped through the hoop in the last challenge (giggle).

Once they have narrowed it down to the final four…I promise to know their names….

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