Attention: SPIRIT DOG An Unfounded Slanderer!!-Update 7/10/08

UPDATE: 7/10/08 Spirit Dog and I seem to have settled into an amicable state these days…lol.. and despite our differences I would much prefer his up front honest personality to other choices !!!

What can I say he’s a man!!!!!

This is my first encounter with acute ignorance and I am absolutely furious.I have posted a remedy on my site that I found on a site ‘Casa Del Toro‘ this remedy for Parvo saved my dog’s life over a year ago. I have his link posted to try and help others through an absolutely devastating experience!! I have no hidden agenda or ulterior motive in fact my entire site is in existence in order to help and educate dog owners.

I absolutely will not tolerate unfounded slander of another site!!!this is a practice that could cause the site owner to be hacked and other wised harmed by such a vicious accusation.

The breed Specific Legislation was formed because of exactly the same sort of ignorance.

I am unbelievably angry I am being accused by this ‘Spirit Dog’of posting a link to a site that sells and breeds fighting dogs!!! I am hereby renaming ‘Spirit Dog’ THE VILLAGE IDIOT!!!!!

Below is a copy of the post I am rambling on and on about. I was merely making a comment on his post about socializing animals (I was in agreement!!) and BAMMMM……!!!! Ignorance reared it’s ugly head!

Clasidog, on July 1st, 2008 at 11:09 am Said:

Socialization of our dogs is one of the most important factors that must be taught…so many do not realize that when they put their dog away in another room to prevent it from jumping or licking their guests, they are alienating and teaching mistrust to t.their pet.

thespiritdog, on July 1st, 2008 at 1:22 pm Said:

It’s probably best if we don’t use human terminologies, when describing canine behaviors.
A dog is not going to be laying in the other room, thinking, ” How dare they put me in here”.

If every person that came into our house, was comfortable with dogs.We wouldn’t have to many problems.
But that is not the case. A lot of folks are not comfortable around dogs.
So we remove our dog, from a situation that can turn out bad ,for both guest and dog.

On the subject of parvo. The site you have a link for, does have good information on treatments. 99% of the good dog owners, are not going to follow that protocol.

Veterinarians, have a hard enough time, getting their clients to administer the simplest of treatments. Never the less, round the clock treatments.

And to have a link to a site that breeds and sells fighting dogs, is just not a good idea.

Clasidog, on July 1st, 2008 at 3:49 pm Said:

I am absolutely mystified as to why you seem to think this site breeds fighting animals!! There is absolutely nothing of the sort anywhere in their site that would even hint at that factor!!
The site owner is obviously a ‘good ole boy’ I agree, but that does not mean he fights dogs!! He has working dogs he raises cattle, he even advises that pups be introduced to other dogs at an early age to prevent dog aggression. I am wondering if it is his ‘breed’ that makes you think this…I have a pit bull, by the way!!
It is this kind of thinking and jumping to conclusions that has brought the Breed Specific Legislation into our lives and destroyed the ‘lives’ of many dogs!!!
As far as 99% of good dog owners I cannot count how many stories I have heard of pups dying due to Parvo, their owners not having the money to afford the vet treatments or the knowledge to treat themselves. Or better yet, of Vets saying there is no cure..there is nothing that can be done!!

“99% of the good dog owners, are not going to follow that protocol”- spiritdog

That statement in itself is utterly ridiculous not to mention contradictory – a ‘good’ dog owner will have no problem following protocol, never mind staying up around the clock in order to save their dog’s life!!
Why don’t you take a poll….and see how many people would be more than willing to do whatever it takes to save their dog!!!…….Lets see if you even have the balls to print this comment!!!

Here’s some free publicity for ‘The Village Idiot’ and a link to the site…lets see how this unfolds and if he /she has the guts to retaliate!!

Hey Spirit Dog here is your very own avatar!!!!

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