DEFEAT PARVO!!…This site saves lives!!!

UPDATE 05/25/10

Unfortunately the original link I had posted for the site I actually used for my dog is no longer active….but I did find another site that is extremely informative and helpful. They however do not use the same remedy that was used for my dog…but I still want to go ahead and have information available to you so that you do not lose hope or think that you have to either fork out hundreds of dollars to a vet or lose your animal….because this is not true you CAN do it yourself…you just need guidance and determination!!

Note: You will see me reposting this over and over in hopes that it will save a life!!!

Signs of Parvo : Dog or puppy stops eating, stops drinking, diarrhea-can be bloody with mucus and foul smelling, throwing up, refusal to eat or drink, becomes very weak and listless almost overnight. There are several virus’s and conditions that have similar symptoms. All of these result in death to the animal(s) because of DEHYDRATION. The treatment suggested below is for keeping your animal ‘Hydrated’ and will help the survival chances of any condition that causes ‘Dehydration’

Pictured: Our dog ‘Rain’ who owes her life to the treatment I am posting!!

This is a site I discovered when our pit bull was stricken with the deadly ‘Parvo’ virus.
I was absolutely devastated. My finances were not in any shape to take on the vet bills that can easily average from $1,000-$1,500. I searched the internet in desperation of discovering some sort of cure. Knowing how deadly this illness is I had no real hope of finding an answer.

I was wrong, I discovered a site with several different home remedies for a variety of things.He makes no promises…He is straight to the point.

If you do not have the the stamina ‘Hang it up!!’ You are wasting your time if you cannot completely dedicate yourself to your animal and pretty much forget about sleep ” (hopefully you will have some one to trade off with)


I did everything he said, the only difference was I was able to talk my vet into selling me a bag of I.V. fluid. (Most vets will do this for you if they are half way decent) A vet tech also showed me how to administer it.

Don’t think you cannot not do it ‘YOU’ CAN, ‘I’ did.

If you are reading this and you have an puppy stricken by this, My thoughts are with you….and I wish you the best. I make no money off the site I have mentioned, I do not even know the owner. But I can say that I myself did this treatment and it worked, it took about 48 hours for her to seem ‘somewhat’ normal… but she fully recovered.


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