Free Stuff….Dog Food, Treats And More

If you have the time or interest you can get free products by taking a survey for some but not all! There is some really great stuff!!


Free Doggie Dropping Dispenser; with belt clip

Free Doggie Delights Dog Treats

Free Doggie Bag

DGB (dog gone pain-supplement)

Peepers Disposable Diapers for Pets

5 lb. bag of any Natural Choice® Dog Food

Bio spot Flea & Tick control

Safeguard Dewormer

Free Pet Massage CD

Free Pet Safety Pack

A variety Of Freebies

Canine Caviar

Free adoption care pack

Natural Way 5lb Bag dog food

TOP PICK (below)

Free Spay/Neuter Programs Nation Wide

ZooToo has samples ‘Galore’ if they are out of what you want keep checking back!! All you have to do is register with them….best Variety of samples I have seen yet, and tons of them!!!

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