The Need For Record Keeping

    Keep the following information on file for each bitch/litter you
   Heat Record
     1. Name of bitch
     2. Litter Number (way to differentiate between litters at your
     3. Date of onset
     4. Interval
     5. Smear date and results
     6. Progesterone Test date and results
     7. Breeding dates and comments on breeding
     8. Palpitation dates and results
     9. Ultrasound date and results
    10. X-ray date and results
    11. Notes on pregnancy
    12. Track weight gain weekly
    13. Track temperature from day 58-65, 3 times daily
    14. Date and time whelping began
    15. Date and time whelping ended
    16. Notes on whelping
   Litter Record (as required by the AKC)
     1. Breed
     2. Registered name and AKC number of dam
     3. Registered name and AKC number of sire
     4. Sire’s owner’s name
     5. Date mated
     6. Date litter whelped
     7. Number of male puppies born
     8. Number of female puppies born
     9. AKC Litter Number
    10. Sex, Color/Markings, Puppy ID number, Date Sold, Date Died, Name
        and address of person to whom sold, Dates when following paperwork
        was supplied: registration application or certificate and bill of
        sale; name and AKC number of puppy.
   Additional Litter Information
     1. Time each puppy was born
     2. Ribbon color or other identifying mark
     3. Color of puppy
     4. Sex
     5. Weight at birth
     6. Length at birth
     7. A description of any problems
     8. Whelping date
     9. Sire and Dam
    10. Time whelping started and ended
    11. Notes on whelping
   Puppy Record
     1. Ribbon color
     2. Call Name
     3. Registered Name
     4. Sex
     5. Color
     6. AKC Litter #
     7. AKC Registration #
     8. Date of Birth
     9. Sire and Dam
    10. Weight at Birth and when sold
    11. Vaccinations Given (Date and Type)
    12. Owner (include address and telephone numbers)
    13. Date sold
    14. Conditions of sale
    15. Price
    16. Notes on Development and Temperament
    17. On the back of this form, track the weight of the puppies daily
        until they are three weeks old and then weekly thereafter.
   Litter Registration Application
    Contact AKC and request this form. Once puppies are whelped, complete
    this form and have stud dog owner sign the form. Send the completed
    form with appropriate fee to AKC. It’s nice to send a self- addressed
    stamped envelope with the application to the stud dog owner so they
    can mail it on to the AKC without delay. Litter registration
    applications must be received by the AKC within six months of date of
    whelping in order to register puppies with the AKC. However, you
    should submit this form as soon as the puppies are whelped so that you
    can deliver the correct paperwork to the puppy buyers when they pick
    up their puppies.
   Puppy Registration Forms
    For each puppy listed on the Litter Registration Application, you will
    get a registration form to give to the puppy buyers so that they can
    register their puppies with the AKC. Technically, the puppy buyer can
    name the puppy anything they want. In reality, most breeders insist on
    their kennel name being the first word in the dogs name. Additionally,
    some breeders have themes for their litters and require the name of
    the puppy to fit into that theme. Make any special requirements known
    to the buyers well in advance so they can pick out an appropriate name
    for their puppy.

Breeding Timeline

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