Settlement For Woman Who Dyed Poodle Pink

Settlement For Woman Who Dyed Poodle PinkPet Pulse Staff Reports

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May 7, 2008

Boulder, Colo. –- Joy Douglas’ practice of dying her poodle pink appears to have itself died.

The salon owner was fined $1,000 March 1 for dying her poodle, Cici, pink, but vowed to fight that decision in court, explaining her actions were to raise breast cancer awareness. Last Wednesday, Douglas struck a deal with the city attorney’s office that could dismiss the charge against her in six months if she doesn’t commit a similar violation before then.

After the settlement, Douglas declined comment because she didn’t have an attorney present. She was ordered to return to court October 21.

“It potentially could go back to trail,” assistant city attorney Janet Michels told

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley ticketed Douglas for violating a city ordinance that reads, “No person shall dye or color live fowl, rabbits or any other animals or have in possession, display, sell or give away such dyed or colored animals.”

Cici, however, was dyed using beet juice or Kool-aid, not chemicals, Douglas maintained. She said Cici never had a negative reaction to her coat being stained.

For three years, Douglas has displayed the dyed dog at her business, Zing Salon. When people asked Douglas why Cici was pink, she’d solicit them for a donation to fight breast cancer, she says.

Douglas was warned multiple times to stop dying the dog after the humane society received several calls from concerned people, according to Lisa Pederson, chief executive officer of the humane society and the city’s Animal Control and Care.

The no-dying law was first enacted in 1953 to keep people from coloring chicks and bunnies for Easter, according to Michels.

“We recognize the ordinance hasn’t been used in some time,” Michels said. “But our position is that the ordinance is enforceable for violations of today. We are trying to find a solution that works for everyone.”

Humane society officials acknowledge that the law is antiquated and needs changing.

“We’re going to be taking a look at whether we even need that ordinance at all, said Pederson.

Cici was observed outside the salon last week and its coat was white, according to

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