Important Information For Homemade Dog food

-Making homemade dog food is a choice that many people have made since the recall. If this is something you are planning on doing or have already began, below is an article that can help you make healthy choices for your dog-

***Look for my next post it will contain recipes that provide the nutrition that all dogs need.

Table Foods That Harm Dogs

© Joy Butler


Good nutrition for us does not always mean good for our dogs. Many foods, including grapes, walnuts, and milk can be dangerous for canines.

In the wake of recent pet food recalls, many dog owners have resorted to cooking for their dogs. A homemade diet is one way to know exactly what you are feeding your best friend. However, not all human foods are good for dogs. If you are cooking for your dog or just sharing a snack, make sure he’s not getting something that can cause illness or death.

Alcohol can cause breathing difficulties, abnormal blood acidity, coma and death in dogs. At parties, don’t let anyone offer your dog a ‘drink.’

Avocadoes contain persin which can cause digestive upsets and heart problems.

Bones may splinter and puncture or obstruct the digestive tract.

Broccoli in large amounts can cause illness in dogs.

Chocolate, coffee and tea all contain stimulants that cause abnormal heartbeat, seizures and death in dogs. Chocolate is especially dangerous for dogs.

Corn on the cob is dangerous. Even though the corn will be digested, chunks of cob may obstruct the digestive tract

Grapes and raisins contain an unknown substance that causes kidney failure in dogs.

Liver in large amounts can cause Vitamin A toxicity.

Macadamia nuts contain an unidentified toxin that causes weakness, tremors, panting and swelling in the legs.

Walnuts may have a fungus or mold which causes drooling, jaundice, lack of coordination, and vomiting.

Milk is difficult for some dogs to digest effectively, which leads to G.I. upsets.

Mushrooms and molds can be toxic to dogs. Some varieties are more toxic than others.

Nutmeg is a seasoning that causes tremors, seizures, and death in dogs.

Onions and garlic, both cooked and raw, contain thiosulphate which can cause digestive upsets, hemolytic anemia, and death. Onions contain more of the toxin than garlic does.

Raw egg whites contain avidin which causes B vitamin deficiency, skin problems and skeletal deformities Raw eggs can also harbor salmonella or e.coli.

Raw fish, especially salmon, may contain parasites that are dangerous for dogs.

Seeds and fruit pits can cause choking or intestinal blockages and some contain cyanide which is toxic to dogs.

Xylitol causes an insulin reaction in dogs which can lead to liver failure within a few days. It’s found in many candies, gums, toothpastes, and pastries.

Greasy, fatty table scraps can cause pancreatitis in dogs. Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas caused when too much digestive enzyme is produced. Affected dogs may have bloody vomit or diarrhea and suffer dehydration and even death.

Snacks shared with your dog need to be checked for hidden ingredients. Some foods such as cookies, gravies, and even some baby foods, can contain chocolate, nuts, onions, excessive salt or sugar, or other items dangerous for dogs. Keeping garbage cans secured is a good idea too.

Pennies are another danger to dogs worth mentioning. Those dated after 1981 are made from zinc with a thin copper coating. A dog swallowing just one of these pennies can suffer damage to red blood cells and kidney failure, due to zinc poisoning.

If you suspect your dog has consumed something toxic, call your vet right away. Hesitation can prove fatal.

Most doting dog owners, especially children, love to share snacks with their best friend but these should be healthful foods, approved by a veterinarian. A little awareness and caution can prevent a tragedy

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