Something like thing a little dog feces on your produce isn’t something to worry about. 
Think Again


Awareness Day says until the authorities ADMIT, INVESTIGATE, CONTAIN, AND CLEAN UP, any contamination they
find caused by using dog feces and dog bodies as fertilizers.  ‘JUST SAY NO” TO ANYTHING GROWN IN PA.   
Please advise your friends and neighbors, regarding the health hazards associated with using these items as fertilizer. 
It is a common practice and if you live anywhere near a kennel, your own property could be contaminated because of run off.

We have tried vigilantly for over 2 years to warn everyone concerned that is it going on.
The following is an excerpt of a few of the emails we have received from people in authority who we have contacted.

 But before you read that, please read both Newspaper articles. We keep being told by the authorities
that they are not aware of the practice of feces being used as fertilizer.  What is most amazing is they say that after we tell them and forward them the information.

 Its time to take a stand, Shortly we will post who to call and write to regarding these issues. 
Insist on answers, farmers and kennel owners that pollute the earth need to be held accountable. 
Authorities who allow it to happen also need to be held accountable.

Click the link below to see a very interesting time-line.


Time Line of PA dealing with the Puppy Mills and waste/composting of the dogs that are dead
(adobe reader needed)
Nice Article Confirming the use of dog feces as manure (adobe reader needed)

Stop EPA Plan to Exempt Factory Farms from Clean Air Standards

Our focus this year is on the environmental damage that the CAFO (
concentrated animal feeding operations of dogs) in
Pennsylvania is causing.

 Excerpt from Concentrated animal feeding operation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The large concentration of animals, animal waste and dead animals in a small space poses many
ethical and environmental problems. Animal rights, animal welfare, and humane activists have charged that CAFO’s
are cruel to animals. As CAFO’s become increasingly common, so do concerns about air pollution
and ground water contamination.   In 24 states, isolated cases of groundwater contamination has been linked to CAFOs.
For example, the ten million hogs in North Carolina generate 19 million tons of waste per year.
The US federal government acknowledges the waste disposal issue and requires that
animal waste
be stored in lagoons. These lagoons can be as large as 7.5 acres. Lagoons not protected
with an impermeable liner can leak waste into groundwater under some conditions, as can runoff from
manure spread back onto fields as fertilizer in the case of an unforseen heavy rainfall.

If you are planning on joining us in September, please email us and let us know.  

Please respond to  AWARENESSDAY@AOL.COM


AWARENESS DAY asks that you boycott;

Pennsylvania Produce.

Puppy Mill Awareness Day will be Saturday, 9/20/08


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