Oppose The Breed Specific Legislation!! Sign Here!!!

Below are two separate petitions (there are hundreds out there!!) choose one or start your own. BUT please get involved before this becomes the dog version of the Holocaust!!!

First Petition

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To:  President George W. Bush and U.S. Congress

Oppose Breed Specific Legislation!!! The media and the inexperienced would have you believe that these breeds are vicious and should be prohibited. However, these breeds as a whole have proven their stability and good canine citizenry by becoming Search and Rescue dogs,Therapy Dogs,by working inside hospitals, and being used as professional herding and sporting dogs, as well as by serving families as faithful and sound companions for years.
Our Country was not founded on the restriction and punishment of the masses based on the actions of a few…. when has this changed?
Statistics and studies do not support the assertion that any one breed is dangerous.When legislation is focused on the type of dog it fails, because it is…unenforceable, confusing, and costly. Focusing legislation on dogs that are “vicious” distracts attention from the real problem, which is irresponsible owners.
We suggest that the appropriate policy should be “blame the owner, not the dog.” Owners can and should take responsibility for their pets.
The legislation that is both enacted and proposed across the United States is unfair for responsible citizens and it addresses the wrong problem. Voting for and standing behind BSL only harms the law abiding responsible dog owner. We stand to loose many wonderful and valuable canines if the Breed Specific Legislation is allowed to continue. Thank You.


The Undersigned 

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Second Petition

STOP Breed-Specific Legislation!

This petition, once completed, will go to all the State Representatives throughout states with Breed-Specific Legislation. Many innocent animals have already died for no reason other than fear of the unknown. No animals, just as humans, are born “vicious”. Instead of killing off a few entire breeds, we should start educating more pet owners and all people alike. I have a 4 year old American Staffordshire Terrier, who has never shown any signs of aggression towards people, yet I am forced to pay about $1000 a year in Dog-Bite Insurance alone because he belongs to the “pit bull” group. I also tried to get covered under Homeowners insurance and most companies said if he even looks like a “pit bull” we cannot cover you! What does a “pit bull” look like? Please, for all you skeptics, go to this site and try to find the “pit bull” and if you can’t how can someone tell you what attacked them. If you can’t tell the difference, why should they pay, sign this petition an help save lives!  


I live in Ohio, and there may be a change to the Vicious dog law if enough people speak up! If passed, this bill #189, will take out the name “pit bull” from the bill and they will be treated the same as other dogs, where they are only “vicious” if they show signs of aggression towards someone or bite them. I think it is fair enough to judge an animal based off of their past rather than off of their breed alone. If we can get one state to change, maybe others will follow and with other breeds!There are so many breeds that are being punished because there are dog-fighters that are not caught and animal abusers not prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Please help me to get these laws repealed and to protect our animals. I love my dog and I hate to see animals put down because of certain peoples irresponsibility. Help save innocent animals by signing this petition! Not all “pit bulls” and Rottweilers are “vicious”!!!If you know of any abused animals please visit this site and they will try to stop this cruelty!


Want to start your own petition? Here is a link to

a great site and it’s free!!!


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