Hollywood Bound-How To Make Your Dog A Star

Things You’ll Needparis-hilton-and-her-chihuahua-dog.jpg

Step one1

Consider your dog’s temperament. Can she stay calm in the midst of crowds, bright lights and loud noises? Is she comfortable with strangers – both canine and human? If so, she may be a natural performer.

Step two2

Think about how well-trained your dog is and how quickly she learns. Does she know the basic commands, like “sit,” “stay” and “heel”? Sign up for an obedience class if need be.

Step three threethree

Move on to fun tricks once you’ve got the basics covered. For example, teach your dog to high-five, jump up on a chair, give kisses and play dead. Practice frequently in varied surroundings. Try the park, a busy sidewalk or a party.

Step four4

Consider advanced classes for your dog – some options are agility, tracking and herding.

Step five5

Take photos of your dog to take to talent agencies. Try including some action shots where she’s showing off her tricks, or make a video of her performing.

Step six6

Seek out animal talent agencies in your area. Start by checking the National Alternative Pet Association Web site http://www.altpet.net  If you don’t find a local agency there, go to your favorite search engine and type in “animal actor” or “dog actor.” Check the yellow pages under “talent agency,” or ask local dog trainers and veterinarians for recommendations.

Step seven7

Contact an animal talent agency; ask the staff if they’re interested in representing your pet. Be sure to show them your photos and video, and let them know what tricks your dog can perform. If your dog already has some acting credits, let them know.

Step eight8

Keep your dog healthy and well-groomed so she’s always ready to perform.

Step nine9

Be flexible. Your dog might be asked to perform or audition on short notice. If you’re not available, she probably won’t get the job.

Article from: http://www.eHow.com

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