Muscle Dawgz -Unique Dog Collars

If you are looking for a collar that no one else has ‘anywhere’….. have I got the guy for you. He owns a small ‘one man show’ company called ‘Muscle Dawgz’ in central Florida.
All of his collars are hand made hand stitched and no two are alike. We are talking top quality materials here. Only the finest leather from the Tandy Leather Factory is used on his creations not to mention high end skins and hides from all over the world. ‘Stingray’ is one of his most innovative hides he uses. This is a virtually indestructible skin, and it waterproof!! It is as beautiful as it is durable. The natural hide is black which absolutely glistens with an opalescent effect. Wallets,belts etc are being sold on the market made out of ‘stingray’ at extremely high prices due to it’s rarity.
Ask about his brand new design, inspired by the medival time period it is made of metal, and lined with sheepskin. There is nothing out there that can even touch this collar.
If you want the ultimate ‘tough Guy’ collar or a sparkly ‘phoo-phoo’ collar covered in swarovski crystals ‘Muscle Dawgz’ can design one for you.
He is currently working on his website so you will have to e-mail him directly for any pictures, pricing or further information.

Oh, did you figure out?? Nothing gets by you 🙂  Israel Daw is my partner in crime for this site. So trust me if his collars were not over-the-top, I certainly would not be recommending them here. My whole point with this blog is build peoples trust and to share knowledge and resources with other dog lovers. This is not a platform for me to use as a marketing tool!!

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