Searching for a Breeder (cont)

Searching for a breeder? Part Two

In my initial post I pointed out things to be aware of in your search for a breeder. However I did not delve into by definition, what a good breeder is. Let me begin by telling you a little bit about my own personal experience and ‘agenda’ as a breeder. I have been in out of the breeding world since 1986. First introduced into the breeding world by my ex-mother-in-law. She was what you may refer to as a ‘back yard’ breeder. She had had litters every now and then but her animals were primarily house dogs/pets. I quickly fell in love with the idea, I had always loved animals. My choice of breeds differed from hers she had English Bulldogs and I was enthralled by Rottweilers.

 I had spotted them for the first time on the original version of the movie ‘The Omen’ a few years earlier. Back then Rottweilers were still a fairly rare breed I shelled out $800.00 for my little darling which was a lot (so I thought) for a dog, especially in the 80’s. It wasn’t too long down the road that I discovered a term that is prevalent in many large breeds known as ‘Hip Dysplasia’. Yep, you guessed it ‘Black Bart’ aka Bart (then about 6 months old) had H.D.
I was blown away, all my dreams fading before my eyes. My future ‘stud’ dog was doomed to be neutered. That decision, was what defined me as an ‘ethical’ breeder. In my heart I knew I could not ever breed an animal with a genetic defect. I sought out the people I had purchased Bart from, foolishly thinking they would be as shocked and dismayed as I was. Playing innocent they claimed no knowledge of such a thing. Since there was no puppy ‘lemon law’ back then and they had offered no health guarantee, I had no leg to stand on. That was my first lesson, one of many.
To be continued…..


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